An Interview with Consort Capp, Patriarch of the Capp Family

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Transcript from an interview with Mr Consort Capp, CEO Sims Industries (Retired), Veronaville (Undated)

(Staff reporter – Bill Newton, for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

Q: About that feud…
A: (pause) You don’t beat about the bush, do you? (wry chuckle) Yes, that… Would you believe it was all a misunderstanding with Patrizio? Unfortunately, we were both young and bull-headed, and family members got involved… Suddenly, it was a blood feud. What it has cost me and Patrizio – this feud…

Q: And the rumors about Romeo Monty and Juliet Capp?
A: I don’t want to talk too much about the family – but I’ll say this much – Juliet is currently away attending university together with Romeo. I gave her my blessings, and I remain the best of friends with my grandchild.

Proof - See Consort Capps friend list

Proof - See Consort Capp's friend list

(Pause) I am old man now – I’ve lived a lifetime– outlived my wife and even my children – that is something I would not have wished on my worst enemy. One has to have learnt some wisdom after all that time – so when I learned of their relationship, I made the decision not to come between Juliet and Romeo. (Muffled)  Maybe it won’t happen while I’m still alive, but this may spark a reconciliation of sorts between the two families…

A Pensive Consort Capp at the piano

A Pensive Consort Capp at the piano

Q: How about the Monty’s?
A: I tried to have a talk with Patrizio but found to my sorrow that it was too late – he had already passed away. I haven’t been able to get hold of Isabella.
(journalist note: rumor is that the Monty matriarch is currently having a “nervous breakdown”. Note: find picture of Isabella cradling a flour sack – where did I file that?)
Q: How about the rest of your family? (journalist note: rumor is that Tybalt Capp is currently estranged from his sister)
A: I have given my blessings, and that is that. I hope that my wishes will be respected by my family. (Pause) I do apologize but I’ll have to cut this interview short, I have a meeting with Tybalt in a few minutes…
Q: (Hurriedly) I wanted to ask about the Capp properties…
A: Ah, (smile) contrary to popular belief, there are not a lot of properties, aside from the main house.

(journalist note: it’s actually a mansion)

The Capp Family Mansion

The Capp Family Mansion

A: The Capp Shack was a personal project of mine – it is not well-known but I have loved cooking since I was very young – a secret hobby, so to speak. When I retired from Sim Industries, I decided to set up a small restaurant here in Veronaville.

(Journalist note: Find pic of the Capp Shack)

Q: You’re being too humble – It’s a highly rated restaurant all over Sim State – your exclusive deep-dish cheese pizza is superb…
A: Thank you, I’ve met many sims from all over who have made it a habit to drop by. (Pause) I seem to recall receiving a good review from your paper in the past too. Thank you. (Sigh) It has been a regret for me that I haven’t been able to collaborate with Isabella Monty – I’ve heard about her famous recipe for Baked Alaska…
Q: But the Capp Shack is no longer a restaurant?
A: Well, we still maintain a small take-out counter and a buffet table serving one chosen dish (usually the cheese pizza) for the day. There’s a bit of a problem with restocking though… (laugh) As you can see, I’m no spring chicken and I can’t cook as much as before… It was Tybalt’s suggestion to convert the restaurant to a shop selling small kitchen supplies & fresh bread and offer food for take-away instead. I was saddened to lay off some of my employees… I am looking to hire a new chef to take my place, and we may reopen as a restaurant then. But it’s up to Tybalt really…
Q: So, Tybalt is taking over as head of the family? What do Goneril and Regan have to say about that? How about Kent – he is your son…
A: (Interrupts) I have determined that Tybalt is the best equipped to take over when I am gone. I have all the confidence in my grandson that he will do his best to take care of the family – his aunts & sisters. (Pause) Have I mentioned that Tybalt graduated with honors from Sim State University? I was very happy that I lived long enough to see the first graduate in the Capp Family. (Pause) He does not have much interest in cuisine, though, so the Capp Shack may eventually pass on to my grand-daughters… Nothing has been decided – I am still here (low chuckle) as you can see.

(Interruption – Tybalt has come home)

Q: Well, thank you so much for taking time out to talk to me… I’d like to set up another appointment though …
A: You’re welcome. That would be fine – please set it up with my assistant (butler) – he keeps track of my schedule. (Stands up) But now I have to have my meeting with my grandson. (Pause) Off the record, it’s taking more time than I thought to pass on my business pearls of wisdom to him… (Sigh) I guess I  should’ve started before he left for university…

Capp and Tybalt together, talking animatedly…

Capp and Tybalt together, talking business…

(journalist note: Must talk to butler about scheduling another interview)

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Blogger’s note:

I’ve left this undated – but this interview takes place sometime in the future (in comparison with the posts that follow this) – in this interview, Tybalt is already back from Uni while Romeo is in Uni with Juliet. I didn’t mean for this to be my first post, but it seemed fitting somehow to start with the Patriarch. I would have started with Patrizio (Monty) but he had already died by the time I started this blog.

Consort’s friend list: He really only cares about Juliet (#1)… and Tybalt who is #2, but poor Hermia is midway down… honestly, I thought Hermia was a poor cousin until I checked the family tree! Also, notice how Hermia never gets mentioned in the interview 😉  Consort doesn’t have a good relationship with his daughters (Goneril and Regan) or his son (Kent), so Tybalt is going to be his heir.

About the Capp Shack – I got tired of running a restaurant actually – Consort gets “in the zone” when he’s cooking and can pretty much outlast all his employees’ motives. The Capp Shack is ranked 10 actually, but it was just too much overhead and too little profit (even with dishes priced at expensive). So I fired the host (Malcolm Landgraab IV of Bluewater Village- yup – he moonlighted for a while as a host & worked sometimes as a server) and the server/janitor (Ginger Newson of the SimBin – I aged her down to childhood and shipped her off to the orphanage – she was a very lazy server!) Chester Gieke (of the SimBin) is still employed as the salesman (with a gold badge!). Other NPCs man the stocking and cash register.

And it is taking longer than I thought for Consort to transfer his business perks over to Tybalt. Hmmm, Consort could die any day now…

P.S.  Tybalt can’t use the Thinking cap (which you can see behind him) since he’s only in the “green.” Does anyone know if that actually speeds the process up?



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  1. Hey, I followed the link to your blog from your comment in mine. I love stories about Maxis Sims, although I no longer play with them myself.

    I liked the format of this entry – it’s fun to read the different sorts of story telling styles people use in their blogs.

    • Thanks Carla, for stopping by and leaving me a positive comment. I’m still experimenting with the format of story telling for this hood so right now, it’s a hodge-podge of different styles, with poor Bill Newton (he’s the npc reporter who does the ofb business reviews by the way) as my scapegoat for now.

  2. Hmm…I don’t know much about Maxis Sims myself…I haven’t ever played any! But this seems interesting! And like the poster above I followed your link from my blog!:)

    • Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy coming over.

  3. *waves* Joins the other link followers.

    I love seeing other peoples POVs on well-known characters. I realize I’m a bit behind, so you’ll be seeing quite a few comments from me as I catch up.

    • Hey, thanks for checking me back.

      I hope you’ll enjoy yourself. Be warned though – my blog is a hodge-podge of different story-telling styles! and the stories are mostly gameplay related, so nothing too sensational.

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