Mercutio Monty’s cell phone and e-mail: Hacked!

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(From the desk of Staff reporter – Bill Newton, for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper) – (Journalist note: Can I use this info or will I get sued?)

Picture text message from Romeo Monty to Mercucio Monty: Hey bro – d butler took this. Nana is crazy!!!

Isabella Monty with flour sack

Isabella Monty with flour sack

E-mail from Romeo Monty to Mercucio Monty

Hey bro – so how’s uni? Are you over Hermia yet? Puck’s taking care of her, don’t worry. Juliet’s worried if you’ve met up with Tybalt yet? She says no fighting please – I’ve told her – Mercucio’s a teddy bear, it’s your bro who’s picking all the fights! Anyway, he won’t talk to her, so if you’ve heard any rag about him, pass it on…

I got fired at work, bro. Told them about pap’s dying, but they didn’t care – bad performance {****} Puck comes by to cheer me up (all the Summerdreams say hello btw!) , and true story bro, Puck and I were playing chess and never realized there was a fire in the kitchen until the fireman showed up!

Puck and Romeo playing chess

Puck and Romeo playing chess

I swear, I don’t know what the butler’s doing – other than taking pics of Nana! He’s got a couple more that I’ll send you. I think we should tell Bianca or Antonio… let me know what you think.

I had a new friend (Alexander Goth) over for dinner with Juliet and Puck – you’ll like him.

Puck, Juliet, Alexander and Romeo having dinner together

Puck, Juliet, Alexander and Romeo having dinner together

– he’s a bit weird, doesn’t like to talk about tv/movies…

but he’s okay – he lives over at Pleasantville but his dad’s rich, so no worries about the petrol. Speaking of, I shouldn’t say he’s weird, his mom’s missing, his dad is dating this woman he doesn’t like, and his sister is pregnant (but not married) so he has more problems than both of us combined!

I’m sleepy so I’m signing off now – I stayed up late watching a fight, not on TV! LOL – This girl (Melody Tinker) – she’s from Bluewater Village – ever met anyone from there? Anway, Melody just invited herself in for dinner and suddenly started a fight with the pizza delivery girl in the back yard!!

Yo, bro! Don’t forget your bass practice! I’ve been working with the guitar, if I can get it away from Nana – she is such a show-off- strumming the strings behind her back! (Yeah, the butler got that pic too – that’s why we’re having fires in the kitchen!)

Picture text message from Romeo Monty to Mercutio Monty

Here’s the rest of Nana’s pics, d butler took them all – he even followed her to the bar! What d u think? Nana used to scold paps over going to the disco and drinking — and remember how she wanted to confiscate the video game? The butler told me she cries too, when she thinks she’s alone…

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Blogger’s Note:

Isabella Monty went on Aspiration failure when Patrizio died – I had ACR on- and the two of them fell in love again during the last days of Patrizio’s life, pretty romantic actually… And since I don’t interfere with too many wants, she’s still in the red 😉 She’s been desperately bringing her fun meter up by playing video games, watching tv and playing the guitar (all autonomously) — that’s the first time I ever saw any sim strumming the strings behind the back – pretty cool!

I think it’s more she doesn’t want to be alone though (not exactly missing Patrizio, no head bubbles!), since she immediately threw up wants to fall in love and get married again – that’s why I sent her over to the Ganymede’s Grotto to meet someone new (that’s the local bar & dance club in Veronaville). Unfortunately, it appeared to be Ladies Night since only women kept on coming into the bar & dancing! Seriously, not one male sim came in! Isabella Monty met Tatiana Summerdream (Veronaville) and Sophia Jocque (Desiderata Valley) at the bar, but didn’t like either & was pretty rude to them (fingers to ears rude) – obviously she was looking for a male sim.

Romeo was supposed to fall victim to ROS – sim has to quit or get fired from work – but the game decided that for me anyway via Chance Card. I was glad it wasn’t me forcing the issue, since Romeo was actually due for a promotion and I felt bad at the ROS I got.

Romeo brought Alexander Goth (from Pleasantville) home day after day after day from private school  – they hit it off immediately (sat in front of the tv and ate dinner together with the auto chat on) and are now friends, although they do get bad conversations every now and then. And Juliet and Puck walk by constantly so I invited them in when I saw them.  The Monty’s have a butler so there’s plenty of food in the ranch.

Melody Tinker (from Bluewater Village) was brought home by Romeo once (can’t remember if from work or school) – and she immediately picked fight  after fight with another random npc who was around until they ended up in the backyard. Melody won all the fights – I’ve got the Fight Club hack from MATY so that means something : )

And about the triangle of Hermia/Puck/ Mercutio – I resolved it before Mercutio left for uni by clicking scope room. She picked Puck and that was that 😉

* Note about Puck and the Summerdreams, their lot (sp ecifically Bottom Summerdream) just kept on throwing error after error when I visited, so I decided (with regret) to treat them like NPCs (since I do like them, and they have a fun house made for parties). Anyway, I’ll move Puck to the College bin when it’s time for Hermia to go, so he’ll be a playable then.



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  1. It’s funny how differently the same Sims act in different people’s games. Melody was always quite sweet in mine but she seems to be a bit of a troublemaker in your hood!

    • Yeah, it’s really funny how the game works sometimes. I’ve been following this megahood blog lately, and it’s funny how different things are.

  2. I liked the hacked email/cellphone deal! Sooo…reporter-ish! Haha! I don’ t know how you keep up with where all these characters come from!

  3. I’ve always thought Melody is a troublemaker, too.

    I haven’t played much in Veronaville, so I’m really enjoying seeing your perspective on it.

  4. Oh Patrizio – I can’t believe he’s gone, and poor Isabelle. I hope she finds someone soon; it’s gotta be too lonely at home for her. By the way, where is her only daughter and son? I’m really disappointed in Bianca and Antonio.

    • Isabelle doesn’t have enough relationship points with Bianca and Antonio for them to come over when she invites them. That’s why I included that part in the story about them not visiting.

      Last time I played the Monty’s, I was still working on upping the relationship via short calls 🙂

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