Mercutio Monty’s cell phone & e-mail: Hacked! Part 2

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(From the desk of staff reporter – Bill Newton, for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper) – (Journalist note: I’m such an awesome hacker! I hope I won’t get caught…)

E-mail from Mercucio Monty to Romeo Monty
Yo, bro – first thing – fire the butler before he burns the house down! Why is he stalking Nana anyway – too creepy! Let Nana enjoy herself – she’s just lonely. You wouldn’t believe me, but she and paps had “rekindled the flame” before he died.  I’ll tell Antonio to bring his kids to the ranch to help cheer her up. It’s weird, isn’t it, how he and Bianca never visit?

Yeah, I’ve been practicing real hard on the bass-

– I’ve also got a dorm mate (Mike Robbins) I want you to meet. He plays mean drums – now if I can find someone on the piano and a lead singer, we can set up a band here in uni!

I like uni now – I was lonely at first…

– but I’ve made loads of friends since!

Me with Brittanny - shes a sorority girl

Me with Brittanny (Upsnott) - she's a sorority girl from the Tri-Var Sorority House here.

I’ve still got to study and attend class and **** like that, though.

Me studying hard at the Crafting College

Me studying hard at the Crafting College

and I get so tired sometimes I sleep anywhere…

Too tired to go to my room!

Too tired to go to my room!

or forget to bathe (don’t laugh!)

but there’s plenty of fun things to do here. And yeah – I’ve met someone new – her name’s Heather and she’s a sorority girl too like my friend Brittany– she’s into Drama and she’s a blond and you know what they say about blonds! Not much for conversation, honestly, but that’s not what we do when we’re together anyway- wink wink nudge nudge

Sending you this funny pic, my dorm mate Luke fell asleep on his food! The cook was not amused! : )

And yeah, I did see Tybalt around campus, but nothing happened – just a couple of arguments really. No major fights – he’s seeing this girl from his dorm – Erin – and I’d see them together sometimes at the Booze Hall. Not sure how serious they are, though, I’ve met Erin a couple of times at the Crafting College and she hits on me!

I heard that Juliet wasn’t at Tybalt’s graduation party – so she & Tybalt still aren’t cool. She must love you man, to blow off her brother like that.

Yo, bro

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Blogger’s Note:

Mercutio and Heather’s romance (Heather Huffington is a member of the Tri-Var Sorority, a house I don’t really intend to play) started off-screen, they had their ACR-generated romance while I was playing Tybalt at the Campus Booze Hall. I just heard the bells(?) and saw the hearts with Mercutio and Heather – I checked, and he already had a crush on her! I had Mercutio invite her to the dorm when he rolled a want to talk to her, ACR took care of the rest and they both ended up in his bedroom. The relationship has developed to “love” now.

The bass just happened to be in the dorm common hall, and Mercutio picks it up and practices everytime he’s in the dorm, he hardly does any school work so he’s barely passing by the seat of his pants at the moment, just getting his grade up by attending class and hardly doing any more work- he did autonomously do research ONCE.  Also, he hardly ever sleeps in his room – I don’t know what his problem is – he’s rich so he was able to buy a really comfortable bed – but he insists on sleeping either in the common room couch or his favorite, outside by the pool.

One of his dorm mates Mike Robbins (he’s the one gagging at smelly Mercutio in the picture posted above) is amazing on drums – I was supposed to be playing Mercutio at the Student Union but I watched Mike do his thing on the drums instead (the Student Union has a stage for performances on the 2nd floor). That’s when I had the idea that maybe Mercutio could form a band, once little bro Romeo moves in (which is soon).  I think I’ll visit the Student Union again and watch out for any other talented uni NPCs out there who can join the band.



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  1. How do you get them to start a band?! I’ve always wanted to do that!

    • I’m still looking for two other sims at uni who have high creativity – once I’ve got everyone together, I can have them click on playing the same thing at the instruments (i.e. rock, jazz, etc) and presto – we have a band! It’s a pity though that there’s no vocalist – Maxis didn’t make provisions for one!

  2. Did I miss something? Romeo didn’t attend college? Why?

    • Romeo is attending university! – my continuity with the Capps and Montys is messed up since I played them for some time before starting this blog and I didn’t know what I was doing when I started – anyway – Romeo’s sitting in my uni sim bin waiting to be moved to his bro’s dormitory. I should go back and play them, except I got distracted by Strangetown.

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