Press Release: Adult Technological College (ATC) Hires a New Teacher

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Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends Section/ Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper
Press release from: Adult Technological College (Veronaville)
PR Agency: Wowza

The Adult Technological College (ATC) has hired a new part-time faculty member for the School Year. Isabella Monty will be teaching culinary classes every Tuesday and creative (art/music) classes every Thursday.

The newly opened ATC serves students across Sim State, including the Pleasantview, Strangetown, Veronaville, Belladonna Cove, Desiderata Valley, Riverblossom Hills and Bluewater Village areas.

Vocational/ Technological education is one of the fastest growing options in schooling in Sim State today. The rapid and steady rise in ATC’s enrollment since its opening shows there is a permanent and needed place for affordable vocational education for students of all financial levels and abilities in Sim State.

“We’re excited about the continued enrollment growth for ATC,” said Jasmine Know-it-all, administrator of Adult Technological College. “Our new faculty member is wonderfully experienced, with 10 bars in both cooking and creativity behind her plus years of experience as a wife, mother and teacher to her family. She will help us provide a better learning experience to more students and their families.”

“I am so happy to be involved with the Adult Technological College at the suggestion of the esteemed Jasmine Know-it-all. Especially speaking as a Sim who didn’t have the opportunity herself to attend university, I am honored to be able to share my gifts to deserving but financially-strapped young adults and adults in Sim State,” declared Isabella Monty before turning away and bursting into tears.

“Patrizio Monty (her husband) recently died,” said Romeo Monty, grandson of Patrizio & Isabella Monty. “Please excuse her, she’s a bit emotionally fragile at the moment. (Whisper) Truth is, she’s only doing this to meet someone new. ”

Adult Technological College, with its headquarters in Veronaville, Sim State, combines highly skilled teachers, high-quality curriculum, unique career reward tools and an extensive selection of crafting tools to create an individualized alternative to the overpriced brick-and-mortar classrooms in Sim State University. The curriculum is aligned to meet or exceed Sim State Basic (No Uni) Employment Guidelines & Business Establishment Guidelines.

ATC is designed to meet the needs of students and their families who are looking for another option—those who need a flexible schedule, learn at a different pace from their peers or need more individualized attention. Homebound and previously home-schooled students can also thrive in the program. Adult Technological College operates its full-time school program in Veronaville through a partnership with City University College (Belladonna Cove) and the PV Business College (Pleasantville).

Families interested in enrolling at ATC are encouraged to learn more by calling (∞µα÷£¥€) or by visiting the Adult Technological College online website for more information.

Plans are in motion for opening an on-line school for students who live in isolated rural (Riverblossom Hills) or desert settings (Strangetown) who may find it expensive to commute to other neighborhoods (in light of the new taxi rates).

Some photos of Isabella Monty lecturing her class at ACT:

Outtake – Isabella still breaks down crying every now and then, much to her student’s confusion. That’s Stephen Tinker (Bluewater Village) reacting to Isabella …


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  1. […] it – I have 10 bars in creativity! I should take to it like duck to water. So, we are going to the Adult Technological College – and I’m going to work on getting my bronze badge in […]

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