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(From the desk of staff reporter – Bill Newton, for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

– (Journalist note: Am I good or what? What??? This is research – Am not being pervy…)


Made an enemy this week – I hate-hate!!! Lilith Pleasant!!!

Made a new friend this week – his name is Alexander Goth and he’s from Pleasantview. He came home with me from school on Monday and he’s been back everyday since for dinner – good thing the butler always has the dinner laid out!

Having dinner with Alexander

Having dinner with Alexander

We’re pretty chummy right now even though I still don’t know that much about him.

But I guess we have this bond since he understands what it’s like not to have a mom (like me). And I’m actually luckier than him since my dad’s with me ALL THE TIME – not that I’m complaining! Alexander says he feels like an orphan – which is just too sad. He flirts with me sometimes, but I’m not sure if I like-like him yet. Truth is, he’s a bit cuteness-lacking, but I’m not that shallow, right?

I know I should act more grown-up since I’ve turned into a teen, but sometimes I just like to do child-stuff – like I still like to jump-rope…

… and Alexander and I play red hands a lot!

And I give my friend Justin (Cleveland) noogies a LOT! I love it (but he hates it! Ha ha)

Alexander’s friend Romeo (from Veronaville) came with him once, but he’s so grown-up.

He told me he’s so looking forward to drinking beer when he goes to university.

I didn’t tell him, but my dad let me taste it once and honestly, it tastes like what I imagine pee tastes like– yucky! Alexander told me he’s got a serious girlfriend, and there’s tons of drama there, but he wouldn’t tell me more! We’ll gossip a bit more next time I see him.

And oh yeah, I’m so glad my dad finally made up his mind about Kimberly & Samantha. He’s liked-liked both of them for some time now – so NOT a good situation with sisters!

He and Kimberly disappeared into his bedroom last night (shocking I know!), and I was feeling naughty, so I peeked! (blush) I hope they used protection…

I’m not so sure about Kimberly though – she hardly talks to me when she’s here, unlike Sam… But since dad really likes-likes her, I guess I’ll give her a chance.

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Blogger’s Note:

I had no idea that Tara and Lilith Pleasant were enemies until I looked at her Friends list, and there Lilith was – bright red. I checked Tara’s memory – and she lost a fight to Lilith (not surprised really since I have Fight Club from MATY and Lilith has 8 body skills) Not sure when this happened though, would’ve taken a pic if I’d seen the fight.

And once again Alexander comes day after day after day. Even if he’s not brought home from school, he comes by and rings the doorbell. The butler lets him in. Maybe homelife in the Goth household is terrible – he sure seems to like visiting Romeo and now, Tara.  He’s ACR-flirted with Tara a couple of times, but no crushes have developed.

Justin Cleveland came by (with his dad) but Tara isn’t very nice to him – she immediately gave him a noogie and Justin left to go have a soak in the hot tub with his dad. Tara has an X-mark for chemistry with Justin, so no romance there – darn, I wanted them together!

As for Armand, I finally just had him call the Cordial sisters over and clicked “Scope room.”  He picked Kimberly and next thing I knew, both of them were “relaxing” in his bedroom followed by a woohoo. He’s rolled a want for “engagement with Kimberly” now so I’m thinking I’ll give him that if Kimberly wants the same thing.  I checked his Friends list and it’s interesting, Armand is friends with Consort Capp and Mortimer Goth. Rich sims stick together, y’all!


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  1. Hmmmm. I’m not familiar with Tara & her dad.

    Poor little rich boy Alex Goth? I don’t blame him, if I had Dina Caliente chasing after my dad, I’d wanna be somewhere else too.

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