Tybalt Capp’s College Photo Album

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(From the desk of staff reporter – Bill Newton, for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

(Journalist note:  I saw the photo album lying around [okay, in Tybalt’s room – okay, okay- which is all the way up on the second floor of the Capp Mansion] so I took the opportunity to make copies of a couple of shots from the album – may be useful when I write my book)

Waiting for someone to say hello (Brixham Library)Waiting for someone to say hello (Brixham Library)

Posing by the chess board at the dormPosing by the chess board at the dorm

Playing pool at the Campus Coffee ShopPlaying pool at the Campus Coffee Shop

Watching TV with dorm mates Angela Pleasant & Dustin Broke (from Pleasantview)Watching TV with dorm mates Angela Pleasant & Dustin Broke (from Pleasantview)

Being silly for my Graduation Party (in front of my dorm)Being silly for my Graduation Party (in front of my dorm)

Dancing at my Graduation Party (Grandfather and Hermia were invited)Dancing at my Graduation Party (Grandfather and Hermia were invited)

Bye! Bye! College - graduated with honors!Bye! Bye! College – graduated with honors!

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Blogger’s Note:

Tybalt had a hot and heavy romance going on with his dorm mate Erin Brown. Unfortunately, I failed to take even ONE picture of the two of them! AAArggh! These two were at it like bunnies (due to ACR), everytime I checked back on Tybalt, he and Erin were in his dorm room woohooing. He and Erin have 2 bolts, but Tybalt hadn’t rolled any wants to get engaged so he left university without Erin. Who then proceeded to hit on Mercutio Monty everytime he went to the Crafting College to study for his business badges. Guess the relationship was all physical 😉

Tybalt’s stay in university was otherwise pretty boring, that’s why I decided to just show his (very meager) photo album – he and Mercutio would meet up sometimes on campus, I left them to it to see if they would fight, but no, mostly he and Mercutio ignored each other, and it was only one time at the Gym that he went up to Mercutio and started an argument. But Mercutio left afterwards, and Tybalt even waved goodbye!

Tybalt’s first 2 years at Sim State University, he pretty autonomously did research all the time so he always graduated Dean’s List. The last 2 years, he rolled a lot of “influence someone to do term paper / assignment” wants and I fulfilled one per day (Tybalt has a LOT of influence points), so he remained a Dean’s Lister. I sent him to the campus community lots the last 2 years to have some fun & make friends, and I was shocked when I checked his memories that somewhere along the way, he became a big man on Campus (since he’s such a surly sim, but he somehow made friends!  * He even counts the cheerleader and the mascot as his friends)  He was also a secret society member since all his dorm mates are members.  Once majority of the first gen teens graduate from uni, I plan to move some of his buddies to the main hood.

He didn’t invite Juliet to his graduation party since he’s still enemies with her (and her boyfriend).

I moved in Angela Pleasant and Dustin Broke on Tybalt’s last semester. Dustin and Tybalt are good friends, they hang-out a lot (autonomously) and watch the Sport channel a lot. Surprisingly, even with ACR installed, Angela and Dustin have yet to woohoo…



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  1. Angela and Dustin are a little prudish, maybe!

    • I’ll see how long Angela or Dustin hold out, when I play their dorm again 😉

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  3. I really should play uni more…But I always had WAY too much time left to just fool around since the first two days I’d just make my sims study and that would be it!

    I love the party pics!

  4. Maybe Tybalt & Mercutio fight so much because they’re secretly in lurve! :snicker:

    • Not in my hood! ha ha
      Unfortunately, they’re both hetoro in this hood, so unless they get a ROS for “change sexual orientation”, Tybalt and Mercutio won’t be falling in love anytime soon.

  5. Lisa’s right.

    The first time I played Veronaville, Tybalt and Mercutio did fall in love (two volts). Of course, they still chose to cheat on each other with women. Since then, I make sure not to make them attend the same college…it started from there.

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