Tara DeBateau’s Personal Blog: Hacked! Part 2 – Trip to Putt! Putt! Mini Golf Course

January 23, 2009 at 8:24 pm | Posted in DeBateau Family, Hood Lots | 4 Comments
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(From the desk of staff reporter – Bill Newton, for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper) – (Journalist note: I’m a hacking machine!)

Sunday night:

Oh no, seems like my dad’s been spending waaay too much time with Kimberly (Cordial) lately. He got a demotion from work for poor performance! No more cool helicopter rides to work!

Dad told me the real reason is that his bosses are miffed that he hasn’t been golfing with them that much since Kimberly and he got together.

He’s gotten real rusty though, and he’s got to go to a company golf thing this weekend, so he and I went to the Putt! Putt! Minigolf Course last night so he could practice again. I took tons of pics since it was my first time there. It’s fun! I’ll tell my dad that I’d like to join him next time he goes golfing.

The Putt! Putt! Mini Golf Course (Belladona Cove)

The Putt! Putt! Mini Golf Course (Belladona Cove)

Practicing my strokes

Practicing my strokes

I love Golf!

I love Golf!

Daddy goofing around

Daddy goofing around

Daddy getting down with it

Daddy getting down with it

Daddy needs more practice too!

Daddy needs more practice too!

I met Sally Riley at the parking lot when I went to buy some snacks. But all she wanted to talk about was how she was looking forward to drinking beer when she goes to university.

Sheesh – I think all parents should just let their kids have a sip of that nasty stuff so they’d shut up about it already!

Greatest dad in the world!

Greatest dad in the world!

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Blogger’s Note:

Armand DeBateau fell victim to a bad chance card – not only did he get demoted at work, he lost ALL his charisma and creative bars! He rolled a want to gain a skill, so I decided to visit the Putt! Putt! Mini Golf Course (located in Belladonna Cove) with Armand and Tara. Charisma is such a boring skill to study, so having these two work the course was a lot of fun (there are 5 stations in the course).

I downloaded the golf course (community lot) from Modthesims – it’s a really fun lot! I’ll be visiting this lot again with my other sims : )

Sally Riley‘s (custom) necklace was flashing blue the entire time – darn, I don’t know why the game does that sometimes….



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  1. That putt putt course is such a cool idea! Thanks for the link. 🙂

  2. I’m totally snatching the golf course! Should be fun times with my sims as well!

    And I HATE the flashing blue CC! Ugh! It’ll look so cute and then when you get in game…blueblueblueblue! Grrr!

    • Ha ha – I love that golf course! The only cc you need to download are the converted putters/golf reward object. I was just lazy and downloaded a ready-made course 🙂

  3. I will have to look into that golf course as Petalbrook Heights doesn’t have much to offer in the way of entertainment yet.

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