A (Drunken) Conversation with Don Lothario: Vodka, Tequila and a hang-over

January 29, 2009 at 12:18 pm | Posted in Lothario Family | 13 Comments
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(secretly recorded by Bill Newton, staff reporter, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

“Well, excuse me as I put away this bottle of tequila…. I’ve got beer, vodka, brandy – whatever you need… Man, let’s get drunk – I’m engaged! To be married!” (Let’s drink! And drink some more!)

(Blogger’s note: Warning – this post contains nudity – hello, it’s Don Lothario! –  although there is no frontal nudity …)

“She’s pregnant, you see – my girlfriend Cassandra – @#$*** !!! – I thought she was on birth control! A man doesn’t think of these things…”

(Sigh) “Well, proposing seemed to be the right thing to do then… plus, I was drunk! I didn’t know what I was doing…”

“I’ve been **** crazy since then – I went to the gym, hoping that would help clear my mind – but nope.”

“I went to play some pool at Ictfldu Bowling – no help – but I did meet this hot chick – man! (leer) She said her name was Jennifer (Burb) but that she was married – not that it matters to me (wink)…”

“So, okay, I thought – **** it! Other women will help me forget!”

“I had a hot date – in bed – with Nina (Callente)

“I had an even hotter date – on the couch – with Dina (Callente)

“I had a hot dinner date at Dusk Till Dawn Nightclub with Samantha (Cordial)…”

“– followed by a hot woohoo on the couch!”

“I had to work a little hard to win over Lola (Curious-Smith) – she said she ‘wasn’t that kind of girl’…”

“But I got impatient, so finally I just stripped off, so she’d have a good look at the “equipment” (smirk)

“– as you can see, I got her in bed in the end.” (sneer)

Sharon (Wirth) played hard to get – but some kisses up the arm – and she was mine…”

“#$%*** Imagine me giving all this up to get married?! The Goth money isn’t worth it ****- and believe me – I’m no gold-digger!  Help me – I gotta find a way out, man…”


Blogger’s Note:

Sorry about all the nudity in this post – but it’s all due to ACR (this is Don Lothario after all!) and the no censor cheat 😉 I tried to be tasteful and take shots at angles you don’t really see any frontal nudity. I LOL’ed when Don suddenly stripped in front of Lola – she (and I) did not expect it!

For this round, I rolled “have 3 blind dates” for Don – yeah lucky him – at this rate, he’s on his way to perma plat status – as he wants to woohoo with a certain number of ladies, and so far, he’s done it with six.

Don was only able to bring one girl (lucky Samantha Cordialshe who was complaining about her non-existent love-life!) to an actual restaurant (Dusk Till Dawn Nightclub) for their date. Due to (very) limited funds (those bills are a killer y’all!), he had to have his dates with Lola Curious-Smith (of Strangetown) and Sharon Wirth (of Desiderata Valley) at his condo.

Don had only 1 chemistry bolt with all 3 ladies, but due to ACR, no worries! And all dream dates too! Apparently, Lola and Sharon are cheap dates 😉



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  1. Wow, Don has been very busy!

    • Yeah, he never even rolled a single want to either talk to or invite Cassandra over, plus his fear of getting married just won’t go away either!

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  7. A real male H.. hoo lol

  8. How did you get to add a banner on your page? I thought we couldn’t customize our CSS in wordpress?

    • Hi, Donna! Thanks for stopping by – the theme I chose allowed me to use a custom header. So, yes, it is possible to change the banner even without a CSS upgrade (you can pay extra to be able to fix the css by the way).

  9. Thanks for responding Arcadata. I want to import my blog on wordpress but I was hesitating since I thought I couldn’t add my own banner without paying. I will look for a theme that allows it then. Thanks again and I enjoyed reading your stories since I am playing Maxis made Sims in pleasantview. It’s interesting to see the difference and the similarities.

    • Oh, that’s cool! I’m always looking to check-out other stories of maxis-made sims. I’ll be checking your site out 🙂

  10. […] A (Drunken) Conversation with Don Lothario: Vodka, Tequila and a hang-over […]

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