Alexander Goth’s Personal Blog Hacked! – I’m no poor little rich boy!

January 31, 2009 at 12:21 pm | Posted in Goth Family | 4 Comments
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(From the desk of staff reporter – Bill Newton, for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper) (Journalist note: Yes he is, that whiny little rich boy)

I hate it when sims look at me, and think “poor little rich boy” – I’m not a child anymore! Of course it’s been hard, ever since my mom, Bella, went missing. My sister, Cassandra, still believes she was abducted by aliens, I don’t know what my father, Mortimer, believes… but I don’t think he believes she’s coming back – that’s the only reason I can think of why he’s been dating that Calliente gold-digger.

Me? I don’t know, I just want her back…. But, at any rate, life must go on, right?

I’m lucky that I’ve made some good friends lately. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friends Tara (DeBateau) and Romeo (Monty) – either at their place or on the phone…

Play boxing with Tara

Play boxing with Tara

With Romeo’s gang

With Romeo’s gang

“Yeah, Romeo, I’m planning on beefing up, too, but not like a sumo wrestler! Maybe just a little definition on the pecs…”

“Yeah, Romeo, I’m planning on beefing up, too, but not like a sumo wrestler! Maybe just a little definition on the pecs…”

I have to admit, yes, I’ve felt sorry for myself at times – like when I saw how close Tara was with her dad…

…and also when I see my dad spending a lot of time with Cassandra.

I’ve learned to live with it – playing video games takes up a lot of my time when I’m at home… I’ve gotten really good with Spore!

And I do understand – dad thinks Cassie needs the support right now since she’s pregnant and depressed cause that douche-bag fiancé of hers won’t set a date for the wedding! I don’t even know why he proposed in the first place – I haven’t seen him around since Cassie’s belly started showing… I’ve heard plenty of rumors about him with other women though.



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  1. I never use the butler feature…or maid in my story! I actually forgot about them since I don’t play PLAY if you know what I mean! Maybe I can get Ty to hire a butler for when the baby comes…

    • Oooh, spoiler alert! I haven’t read that far into your chapters – I’m at chapter 13 right now! And enjoying myself!

  2. I’ve finally gotten a chance to get caught up with your blog–I had started reading the first posts a few weeks ago and then got too sick and stressed out to keep up with any blogs so I didn’t get a chance to finish until now. 😦 But aw, thanks for the little namesake! 🙂 Baby Shana is cute, I hope she doesn’t grow up to take after her dad, LOL. 😉 Off to finish reading the rest of your posts! 🙂

    • Oooh, that’s okay, I’m happy that you got the chance to check my hood out. Hope you’re feeling 100% now!

      Ha ha – thanks for not minding that I borrowed your name! I really am hopeless with names, so I do plan to continue that tradition.

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