A Gossip Session with Sharon Wirth, Jazzercise Instructor, Desiderata Valley

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(Secretly recorded by Bill Newton, staff reporter for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper) – (Journalist note: What? Sharon’s my jazzercise instructor – is it my fault she likes to gossip with me???)

“Yeah, I had a great time fooling around with Don (Lothario) – that’s me,  pre-makeover by the way… BUT…”

“Well, things change! Guess who I met while I was on my way out of Snuggly Bear Motel at Pleasantview?”

The Snuggly Bear Motel

The Snuggly Bear Motel

“Oh, don’t be naughty, I’m NOT telling why I was at the motel – anyway, it was Daniel Pleasant himself! In the flesh! (Sigh) He may have started losing his hair, but d***!  he’s still one hot papa!”

“My heart went pitter-patter, and I honestly felt a little faint!”
“When Daniel invited me to join him for dinner, how could I say no?”

“ A little dancing, making sure he could see my cleavage…” (Wink)

“A little serenade..”

“And finally, a kiss! Ah, bliss…”

“I’m floating right now, I’m telling you. I hope he calls me tonight 🙂 But enough about me – although the other stuff in my life is boring, I tell you. My sister Hannah and her husband Isaac are both depressingly happily married. Isaac is a bit of a sex maniac to my sister though. As in eeeww…”

“He can’t keep his hands off her! No decency – I’m trying to practice ballet here!”

“Seriously, it’s disgusting – they end up waking up dead tired every morning since they’ve been woohoo-ing all night.”

“I’ve seen my brother-in-law slumped on the side-walk, simply too tired to make it back in bed after work at night.”

“I wouldn’t really care except that my sister has ended up sleeping on the sidewalk lately too. That can’t be good for the back!”

“Otherwise, we’re a ridiculously happy, normal family. We watch TV together when Hannah & Isaac are not on their marathon sessions…”

“I do try to let them have private family dinners with Daniel (their son) though..”

“Hannah’s a great mom – she loves to dance with Daniel, that’s my nephew!”

“Such a sweet boy – works hard at his homework…”

“… cleans up the yard without being told…”

“… poor boy gets worn-out, though… I get a bit annoyed, since I can’t get to the couch myself…”

“Ooops, gotta run! I don’t want to be left behind by the carpool! Let’s gossip again on our next appointment. Now practice that smustle again!” (Wink)

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Blogger’s Note:

Sharon Wirth has a 3-bolt chemistry with Daniel Pleasant. Her LTW is to woohoo with a certain number of sims and she rolled a want to go on a date, so I had her invite Daniel out for the date. However, that make-out kiss I captured was the most they did, ACR is sure weird, the location was primo woohoo site (there’s a hot-tub, photo booth and beds on site – it’s not called Cuddly Bear Motel for nothing!) but neither did anything other than kiss in the restaurant until the date ended. I just don’t understand it – I mean – she jumped in the sack with the Don, who only had 1 bolt with her!

Isaac and Hannah Bell, on the other hand, have NO, count it ZERO, chemistry with each other. Uh, oh, I’m sensing trouble soon with ACR around. In the meantime, however, they have ACR-driven interactions ALL the time. They’ve both been going to work with their energies drained, silly sims! It’s amazing to see – they slog it through the work hours with their energies in the red (Energy desperation!) and collapse after they’re dropped off by the carpool. Everyone stands around them worrying… I’m just waiting for one of them to get fired!



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  2. LOL!! Gotta love ACR! ;)~

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