A Gossip Session with Sharon Wirth: Part 2, Jazzercise Instructor, Desiderata Valley

February 3, 2009 at 7:49 pm | Posted in Bell Family | 4 Comments
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(Secretly recorded by Bill Newton, staff reporter for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

“Hey, Bill!  Oops, you just caught your dance instructor eating junk food! My bad!”

“So what’s new with my lovelife? I’m officially in love! What do you mean, with whom? Daniel Pleasant of course!

“Yes, I know he’s married, he was up-front about that with me – Jeez, I’m a single girl, I’m not out to MARRY him, so why should I feel guilty? Besides, all we’ve done so far is make-out. Which is so weird that I’m in love already” (Sigh)

“Besides, just because I’m in love with Daniel doesn’t mean I’m about to be a nun! Hello?! This is me, Sharon Wirth, total hottie babe? Besides, Daniel was the one who introduced me to a friend of his, so he probably doesn’t mind that I’m into other guys still – besides – I haven’t TOLD him I’m in love with him! – so anyway, his friend was Darren Dreamer. He’s also from Pleasantview, and he’s a renowned artist! And so sexy too!”

“I knew that Darren was instantly attracted to me, I’m a girl, I like being desirable…so we hung out a bit, played catch, flirted… We’ll see what happens next!” (wink)

“So what else is going on in my life? Well, I’ve been keeping fit, exercising on the bike at home.”

“My sister is trying to get a promotion (she’s still a back-up dancer) so we can both be jazzercise instructors, so she’s been warming up at the ballet bar lately.”

“Boring Isaac just has to entertain himself for now – lately, he’s latched on this total fantasy of being a best-selling author – he’s deluding himself, believe me – he spends HOURS writing up his novel on the computer – but I can just tell it’s going to be a stinker myself. What could he write up that’s interesting anyway?”

“Oops, gotta run, carpool honking!”



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  1. Daniel Pleasant is very popular with the ladies in my hood too. He has a couple of three-bolt matches.

    ACR is interesting. Dustin and Angela wasted no time woohooing, but Dirk and Lilith only made out. I just finished playing a Fortune and Family sim and was expecting babies galore, but nothing yet.

    I also think ACR tweaked the jealousy. I don’t think Romance Sims get jealous unless they are in a committed relationship.

    • Hi, Temesha! Yeah, I’ve noticed that the Romance Sims don’t show any jealousy in my hood – from what I’ve seen with Don (Lothario), Dina (Caliente) and Daniel (Pleasant). I just find it so weird that Daniel and Sharon are being so chaste in this relationship!

  2. I don’t know about Sharon, but that is strange for Daniel. He’ like the orginal horn-dog of Pleasantview!

    • Yeah, that’s why I found it so strange too.

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