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(accessed by staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

Hi there, my name is Ripp Grunt and this is my life.

That sounded good – very dramatic. I’m keeping that as my tagline.
This is my house – I call it the Grunt Boot Camp.

This is my family. My dad (General Buzz Grunt) has only one son – Tank Grunt. Buck and I are the red-headed stepchildren. Even though we’re not really red-headed. Or step-children either. You get my drift.

I try to take care of Buck  – he’s just a kid afterall. He needs someone in the family to pay attention to him every now and then, you know?

Tank says he wants to be just like dad. I guess in one respect, he is.  Tank’s working through a lot of anger issues. Good thing it was just the punching bag this time.

Sometimes, he works his anger issues out on me. I hate that. I hate crying – that’s a sign of weakness. And that’s a no-no in the Grunt Boot Camp.

Then Tank calls me a “sissy” when I am understandably upset (!) and Dad (predictably) does nothing. Have I mentioned I’m invisible? I’m just thankful that at least Tank doesn’t pick on Buck.
Like Tank, Dad’s working through some anger issues himself. Dad keeps a tight reign on all his emotions. Except one.

Complaining about the low salaries of army generals to virtual strangers should be a no-no. That’s our neighbor Chloe (Curious-Smith) by the way. Good thing she also has money issues so she didn’t mind.
Anyway, as I was saying, dad has a short fuse. A really short fuse. I’ve seen grown military cadets tremble in front of him.

Poor Nervous Subject.

He never stood a chance. Not against General Buzz Grunt.

I just got lost!

Florence Delarosa was scared to death. She’s some chick from Bluewater Village who got lost and came in for a drink of water. Got more than she bargained for!

I had to get out of the house – violence is bad for my psyche! or my chakra? Anyway…  (Breathe in, breathe out)
So I went to Pleasantview (you should know there is no place to hang-out in Strangetown!) and I visited Darren’s Gallery to look at art. It’s one of my favorite places – the owner (Darren Dreamer) never minds that I just stand there, soaking it all in since I can’t afford to buy anything. That calms me, helps me center myself again.

I know it’s not obvious, but I’m actually enjoying myself here – only I don’t show it. I don’t smile. Ever.  That’s a sign of weakness too. It’s best that you never give your emotions away.

Another thing I like to do when I’m upset is dancing – it’s good exercise and helps me forget about my home life. Notice how I’m not smiling here? – I’m practicing looking cool and collected whatever the circumstance. That’s my image – I do my own thing,  and don’t care what people think of me.

I’ve got big plans for my future. Dad doesn’t know it yet, but I’m not going to College. I have a part time job that I’m keeping secret, and though it sucks to be a garage attendant now, it still gives me a paycheck, and you bet I’m saving all I earn. I’m planning my escape… I’m hoping I can bring Buck with me when I do.

Someday, I’ll be real famous, and people will pay me  just to attend their parties. That’s my dream job – and to do that – I don’t need College at all. I just need to have style and dance skills and good contacts. So yeah, I’ll be FAMOUS. And I’ll throw that in my dad’s face – your invisible son isn’t so invisible anymore, huh.

This blog is step one in my plan for total world domination. So, Sim  State, get ready for Ripp Grunt!

Dancing with Patricia Wan (Desiderata Valley)

Dancing with Patricia Wan (Desiderata Valley)



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  1. Just sat down and read all your posts. Awesome!

    Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s fun to read. I have this image of the poor staff reporting sneaking around, befriending and beguiling sims to get information.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love hearing from other bloggers. I’ve visited your Tierra de Legado, and I love what you’re doing with your hood too!

  2. Aww…that Grant family is seriously whacked out! At least Ripp and Buck have each other…Tank…he has to keep everything hidden! Sad!

  3. This is a great story, despite I´ve found a little mistake: Ripp mentions the fight between Buzz and Nervous in his blog, but he seemed not to know about it before Buck told him.

    Nevertheless, every blog is different, according to age and personality of the author. So we can empathize with all Buzz´ sons, even with Tank. Buck is the luckiest of them because he is still too young to scrutinize Buzz´s behaviour like Ripp does. He is sorry for Nervous but he also admires his father for the fight at the same time. And he is the luckiest boy because he´s got somebody who can give him the love he needs: his elder brother Ripp. It´s very cute to hear Ripp implore the child not to get too close to strangers. This warning should have been Buzz´, the father´s job! Ripp fears that Buck could fall into the hands of a criminal when asking for the love Buzz doesn´t give him. Surely, Ripp was in a similar state whe he was at Buck´s age. That´s why he recognizes that Buck thinks it was his (Buck´s) fault that the father can´t hug him. Ripp seems to have had the same feelings some years ago.

    While Ripp tells his feelings and wishes in his blog (including the feelings of other people), Tank finds it difficult to express himself, despite he thinks that nobody else will ever read his writing. He ist scared of his own feelings and starts by writing down unemotional facts. Even the fact of his growing into an adult seems to be unemotical. But of course that isn´t right, and Tank is feeling ashamed!

    Tank is Buzz´s favourite son, but he doubts his father´s love as much as his brother´s doubt about themselves. His relationship to Buzz is like the relationship between a boss and a subordinate. The conversation about his own future with his father was a test of courage for Tank. While Ripp is glad when Tank doesn´t attack him, Tank is glad, when the father isn´t dissatisfied.

    Everyone of the three boys secretly hopes Buzz would love him and let him know that he loves him – despite Buck is the only one who says it openly. I hope that this will happen during your story. I´m sure Buzz loves (all) his sons but is unable to show them. Or does he really dislike Ripp and Buck?

    Some further questions: Who hacked Tank´s blog? Ripp? The journalist? What will Tank do when he realizes? And why was Buzz so furious, when Nervous mentioned Lyla? Did he know that she is dead before (I do not hope he murdered her!)? Does he know it just because Nervous told him? Or was Buzz just still angry because Lyla left him?

    I am waiting for the continuation!

    • Hi hmary! Thanks for the feedback and for reading between the lines. You really got what I was trying to convey, thanks!

      In Buck’s blog entry – Ripp apologizes to Buck because he (Ripp) ran away after General Buzz beat up Nervous, instead of hanging around to make sure that Buck was okay. Usually, Ripp tries to protect Buck & be there for him, but that time, it was too much, so Ripp left.

      The journalist (Bill Newton – he is an npc who plays the reporter in my hood) is the one who hacks into different sims’ blogs, including Tank’s. He keeps a copy of everything on his desk. Bill Newton is gathering all this info since he wants to write a best-selling novel about the sims of Sim State 🙂

      General Buzz is hard to read right now – he has built up a wall around himself, and like Ripp observed, General Buzz does not show any emotions other than anger since Lyla Grunt disappeared.

      As for the rest of your questions – I will say only that General Buzz did love his wife Lyla. As for the rest – you have to wait unfortunately!

      • Thank you for the quick answer! I couldn´t believe that General Buzz had killed his wife. In my own story she had moved into Olive Spector´s after she had left the family, and Buzz thinks that Olive murdered her – that´s why he hates Olive in my story. Maybe we have similar thinkings.
        It´s also good to hear that it was the reporter who hacked Tank´s blog and not Ripp.
        You say Buzz is angry since Lyla has disappeared. Was the relationship between him and his sons better when she was at home?

        I´m afraid that I could only read a bit of your story: the blogs from the Grunt boys and the story “Who is your daddy, Nervous Subject?”. Are there any other articles?

        • No those are the only posts about the Grunt household right now. I’m playing the entire megahood, so that includes families from Belladonna Cove, etc. in addition to Strangetown. I’ll be playing the Grunts again, but I have to rotate through the other families too since I want to keep aging consistent in the entire hood.

          About General Buzz – I would think that he has always been the same with his boys in that he is a bit hands-off and not very demonstrative – and the boys had their mother so it wasn’t very obvious before – but Buzz was definitely not as short-tempered when Lyla was still around.

  4. So I´ll have to wait.
    That´s a pity because the Grunts are my favorite family – especially the relationship between Buzz and Ripp. But I understand.

    By the way, it was a great idea to tell a part of the story by blogs – showing the views of different persons about the same event.

    Go on!

    • Thanks for the good words – the comments inspire me to continue writing!

      Sorry, but yeah, you’ll have to wait for the next Grunt installment. Why don’t you check out the other families, you might find another family to follow? 🙂

  5. I always feel so bad for the Grunt boys. I don’t think any of them have had much of a childhood. At least Ripp tries to look out for Buck.

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