Introducing the Curious Brothers of Strangetown

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(Notes and photos from the desk of Bill Newton, staff reporter, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper. Info collected while working undercover as a nanny at the Curious Household, Strangetown)

Journalist note: So here’s a funny story – I was hanging around Strangetown, hoping to see a flying saucer (had my handy digi cam with me!) when I felt a bit thirsty. So, I knocked on a random door, and who should open it? A pregnant dude by the name of Pascal Curious. Who thought I was the nanny the agency had sent in a little too early. Who still invited me in – the better to get to know the family since I’m there already. So who was I to object? Nanny here I come! With my trusty hidden digital recorder and camera! Maybe I’ll have enough to write my book and I can finally resign from my crappy day-job.)

So, let’s meet the Curious brothers.
This is Pascal Curious (he’s the pregnant dude) and he’s the oldest of the brothers.

This is Vidcund Curious. He’s the next oldest.

And finally Lazlo Curious. He’ the youngest. Cheez ! Look at all that nice sparkly white teeth – who knew they had access to an orthodontist all the way out here in Strangetown?

They told me they have a sister – Jenny Smith who’s married to an Alien (!!!) Pollination Tech and lives right here in Strangetown too. (Note: gotta wrangle some type of invite to Jenny’s place…) And they have two half alien sisters living nearby called Chloe and Lola Curious-Smith. (Note: gotta try to get introduced to these alien offspring… I smell a best-seller! Grin)

Now, I have to say – it’s a relief to finally meet an angst-free family who just love and enjoy spending time with each other. Even if it’s a family of 3 brothers, one of whom is pregnant by Simsgod-knows-what. I was plenty curious about that!

Lazlo finally mentioned it casually – about how Pascal was “taken” one night by outer space beings. And apparently, these beings are gay and/or have superior technology, since Pascal came back pregnant which I know for a fact is an impossibility. (Note: Hmmm… could this be the aliens’ way of simverse domination? By spreading their seeds in the sim population? Whoa, I really, really smell a best-seller! Or widespread panic!)

And then, suddenly, Pascal started moaning and crying out in pain – apparently I just arrived in time for the baby’s birth! (Note: Remind me to shoo away the real nanny when she comes) I’m sorry to say that inspite of my journalistic obligation – I unfortunately had to look away – so it was a good thing his brothers were there to help out –

and there he was – Xena Curious – the first half alien – half sim baby I have ever laid eyes on! I took a good look, and surprisingly, he looked cute to me. Maybe, it’s built in, that all babies are born cute.

I remembered suddenly that I was the nanny, so I went to work and put the little thing inside his crib while Vidcund congratulated his brother for the birth.

I have a feeling that Vidcund wouldn’t mind getting some alien-spawn himself!

Why do I say this? Well, he hardly lets me do my nanny duties for one (not that I’m complaining). Notice that he’s pretty handy with changing Xeno’s diaper?

Other than the alien spawn thing, the Curious family are surprisingly a bit boring. So what do  Vidcund and Pascal do on their day off? See the photo I took.  Very domesticated these boys – hear that ladies?

We were all startled by the doorbell, but by the time Vidcund had run out, this dude had already left in a hurry (but only after dropping off a free computer) (Note: What’s up with that? Must figure this mystery out – I have heard this phenomenon reported to me lately!)

Well, at least Vidcund tries to meet new people. Unlike Pascal who’s perfectly happy to remain inside reading his book. Here, Vidcund is trying to chat up Kristen Loste (a neighbor). Oops, no chemistry there though.

Next up was Erin Beaker. No chemistry either. Am I seeing a pattern here? (Note: Alexander Goth really does get around, doesn’t he?)

V: Look, I wasn’t interested in either of those girls okay? Just wanted to chat a bit to pass the time. If you must know, I had something-something going with Erin’s sister-in-law Circe (Beaker) before Circe doggone got married to that Loki. And we had PLENTY of chemistry!
B: Hmmm, still have the odd feelings for Circe there, eh?
V: None of your business. Wait, Erin just made a joke – must laugh. One must laugh when a pretty girl makes a joke. It’s in the RULES. Must practice.

Laughs all around. Alexander must have read the same rule book.

And here is Vidcund again – with definitely NO chemistry with Goneril Capp. (Note: Petrol must have gotten cheaper, what are these Veronaville and Pleasantview denizens doing strolling around Strangetown – where there is nowhere to go???)

V: Did you get a look at that face – even if she weren’t married, I wouldn’t touch that with a stick.
B: Ouch. But I agree. Don’t muddy your genetics with hers, please. Not that yours are that ideal – but with a better hairstyle perhaps….
V: Come on, let’s go in and be sociable. I’m so glad that we have so many visitors today! They must have heard about Xeno’s birth.

It is indeed a full house. Cassandra Goth came in to fetch her brother Alexander home, but decided to stay for dinner. I wonder why she isn’t in a hurry to head home…. Hmmm, oho! I caught her checking out Pascal!

Evidently, she’s not too impressed by Lazlo, and doesn’t even give Vidcund a glance. (Note: Hmm, hmmm, hmmm, I would have never pegged in a million years that Cassandra would have eyes for anyone but Don Lothario- but what do I know? Wasn’t she having some sort of dalliance with Darren Dreamer too?)

See? Still staring! Maybe she’s just fascinated by the whole “I was sperminated by an alien” thing? No?

All the Curious brothers seemed to think Erin was hot though! (Including Erin herself!) (Note: I agree, though, I do wonder how could someone so pretty be related to the unfortunate-looking Loki Beaker?)

Finally, Cassandra was able to catch Pascal alone and proceeded to have a nice long chat – about finances. Damn! No wonder Don is straying, given her conversation skills! Not that Don is particularly interested in conversation. But still…

I stopped listening – I have no interest in business – and I turned around and saw…

Oho! Apparently, Cassandra has managed to catch Vidcund’s eye! Should I tell him she’s engaged? No? Let the drama ensue? Alrighty then!

Meanwhile, I heard a knock on the door. I rushed to open it, but Lazlo beat me – seriously, these guys don’t let me do any work around here – and here’s another visitor! It’s Florence Delarosa (all the way from Bluewater Village) who’s lost in Strangetown and would like to ask for a cup of water, please. (Note: Really? I bet she’s just trolling for men – yes? Since the Grunt household was a washout – too violent you see!)

She stays for a chess game with Lazlo who is (very) glad to meet someone new. (See? I was right. Trolling)


Hmm, where’ve Cassandra and Pascal gone? Vidcund and I apparently wonder at their absence at the same time.

Oh, it’s supposedly too noisy inside, so Cassandra and Pascal have gone outside to hang out. They’re talking about babies – boring. I can see that Vidcund is pissed though. Cassandra hasn’t even said hello to him all night!

Oh, oh – looks like Vidcund is gone on Cassandra! – well, what do you know? Maybe he’ll get over Circe Beaker now – but snicker- oh the heartache! (Note: more fodder for my best-seller) Now, Pascal is talking hard numbers… How boring is that? Seriously, I’m getting really bored …

Ooops, baby crying. I rushed inside, but as usual, Vidcund has beat me to it (not that I try too hard). Me – bad (undercover) nanny. Vidcund – uncle of the year!

We both rushed out again, just in time to see things progressing nicely along with Pascal and Cassandra. Their sister Jenny Smith has arrived and seems to be plenty amused by what she sees.

Okay, not so amused anymore – no one likes to be ignored. Not Vidcund. Not Jenny. I’m trying to get introduced to Jenny so I can meet her fabulous full-alien husband.

Finally, Vidcund butts in – but Cassandra only has eyes for Pascal. (Note: Must.follow.this.development)

The desert is scorching hot, so finally, everyone heads inside, and Pascal chats a bit more about his “abduction”.

I listened hard and recorded everything. But there’s not much to tell. Apparently, he was taken up in some sort of rocket or space ship and he can’t really remember much after that. (Note: Must somehow witness an alien abduction myself!)

Cassandra: Wanna go out for an ice-cream shake? It’s really hot here – and for some reason I can’t take off my lab coat – you know, you guys should get some air conditioning or at least a fan in here …

Jenny Smith: Am I invisible or something?! Hello, someone speak to me!

(Stay tuned for updates – and oh – baby Xeno really is a sweet baby. I haven’t minded being an undercover nanny so far!)

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Blogger’s note:

There’s a reason I usually try not to play the Curious household – it’s because of the absolutely unplayable house EA stuck them in. I had to do a renovation with the house so I could fit in extra bathrooms and a nursery before I could play the family. Felt good to knock down all those diagonal walls!

I really found it so funny that Cassandra kept on checking out Pascal while Vidcund kept on checking out Cassandra the entire time! And I don’t think it’s ACR – no flirtation occured – just a lot of staring. I checked their friend panel, and Vidcund has 3 bolts with Cassandra (poor Vidcund!). Pascal has no bolts with ANYONE in his friend panel and in particular, he had Nervous crossed-out (I was disappointed since I was hoping for a Nervous-Pascal hook-up) and Nervous never even made a walk-by! (I thought Nervous was hotwired by EA to come by after Pascal gives birth, but maybe the uber megahood screwed it up)

Lazlo apparently has a girlfriend, some NPC with whom he has no bolts, so I’m hoping that he strikes something up with the (lonely) Florence Delarosa who has travelled all the way to Strangetown to meet new people. I need the playable sims to hook up with other sims before townies and npcs get into the picture! But it’s out of my hands, and up to ACR.

Finally, OT, but I wanted to highlight this mod that makes the sims run everywhere; this one by Monique also makes the sims run everywhere (both are found in Insimenator – I prefer the second one since even when my sim visits a comm lot, the sim is still running everywhere) – this has made the game bearable for me when I play huge mansions  where it takes them more than an hour(!) to get from bed to front door and also in community lots where every minute that passes is now precious. Things move along much faster with these mods!



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  1. I like the boys’ makeover. There really is no other hair style for Vidcund, is there? He’s such a nerd! (No wonder some of my friends like him.)

    Haha, you had me cracking up. I love your sense of humor.

    Go Cassandra, knock em dead with your math conversational skills.

    • LOL – thanks! Yeah, I tried to change Vidcund’s hair, but it wasn’t really Vidcund anymore… He’s my favorite Curious brother btw, I kinda pay more attention to him than the other two. I keep on forgetting that Lazlo’s around!
      I’m looking forward to going back to the Goth household and play Cassandra again, but there’s still some other households to go to for now.

  2. I have hooked up Lazlo and Florence twice (three bolts, at least in my game). They make really gorgeous children!

    • Hmmm, good to know! I’ll be really rooting for these guys now. Go ACR!

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  5. LOL!! She sure is thirsty isn’t she?! I was looking and was like…isn’t that the same lady….?! Haha!

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  7. I abolutely despise that house too! Love the brothers, though.

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