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(accessed by staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

(Journalist note: The domain is registered to a Jules O’Mackey, high school student, Riverblossom Hills.)

Warning: This topic is not suitable for minors so please leave NOW if you are NOTof AGE. Teen sims are encouraged to log in and comment. The chatroom is open, so leave me your reactions & your questions!

Hi, there, it’s Jo-jo and today I’d like to tackle that taboo subject matter that sims only whisper about while blushing furiously – the mysterious woohoo. But why is it such a secret? I’m sure we’ve all walked in on our parents doing it – I thought I was scarred for life when I did.

Let me get this out of the way first- girls & boys-  a sim cannot get pregnant from kissing or make-out. Yes, I have heard this rumor going around in the school yards. I’ve asked Dr. Timothy Riley (he’s my GP, based in Belladonna Cove) about this, just to be sure, and he assured me that it’s a physical impossibility.

Comment #1: Hey, baby, I’m missing you already – J.M.

Comment #2: Boring! So, tell us about your first time, Jojo. Looks like J.M. is about to! – BorkTheDork

pause – private chat window opened –

JMack16: Jacob, stop that! And stop using your initials in the public chatroom– even Sandra (Roth), dim as she is, can figure that out!

J.M.: Can I come over again? 2nyt?

JMack16: OK

Pause – back to public domain –

BorkTheDork – since you ask so nicely, I’m ignoring you – let’s go on to the second thing I want to tackle. That mysterious milestone called “the first time.”

Some ignorant sim boys are spreading rumors in the school yard about how it’s “impossible” to get pregnant on your “first time.” I have it on good authority (from Dr. Riley) that you can – it doesn’t matter if you: 1) ask the girl to jump rope or do cartwheels afterwards, or 2) if you do it standing up (in the closet/changing booth/elevator) or 3) underwater (in the hottub) – sim girls, listen hard, you can get PREGNANT if you woohoo. So, go to a GP you trust first, and talk about birth control. And how to protect yourself from diseases.

The third thing I want to takle – sim girls and boys – remember, you can say NO at any time. Woohoo is a big step to take…

Comment #3: Hey, I just hacked into the best online photo album ever! Stop talking about woohoo and see actual pictures of woohoo! It’s hot!hot!hot! PM me! Here’s a photo if you don’t believe me – itsnotME

(Chat room empties – CRICKETS….)

(Journalist note: Maybe I should hire this hacker… frees up some time for me to do more investigative work! While I’m still undercover as a nanny at the Curious household).


Jules O’Mackey’s Private Blog: Hacked! – Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

(from the desk of staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

So, that was a bust – I have to admit though – I PM’d itsnotME too for the online photo album site 😉

I guess I should feel guilty – but I’m not. Jacob (Martin) and I have known each other our ENTIRE lives. He was my first kiss and we were steadies long before that Roth girl came into town.

So, how did it start again for us? It was just IM’ing each other again, at first.

Then, this week, he came over and all the old feelings came rushing out in me – and one thing led to another – and before I knew it – we were in my dad’s bedroom –

What do I remember about it? I don’t know – it was way too fast – not like in the romance novels – before I knew it, Jacob was done already…

There’s little details I remember – the feel of skin sliding on skin… silky softness of lips on me, the rustle of the bed spread… Jacob’s grunts as he {blush} – darn it – I can’t even write it on my private blog!

I was waiting for the fireworks – but maybe – it was just too fast for that – well, practice makes perfect – and I do intend to see him again!

I’ll have to be careful though, my dad still thinks of me as his little girl… I do love that he still gives me little presents even though there’s no special occasion… well other than {blush}…

Although I see myself differently when I look at myself in the mirror. Can other sims see it? That I’ve already done IT?

Speaking of – this is my dad – Gabe O’Mackey, high school teacher at Sim State Public School. Yup, MY public high school.

At least he has his own carpool to work – he asked me if I wanted to join him – but (as politely as I could) I said I’d rather walk to school.

This is my uncle Jason (Greenman) – he’s married to Rose who’s a PlantSim – yeah – I can’t wrap my head around it, too. But she’s a plant. And a sim.

And they’re both deliriously happy together and have a really cute baby, my cousin Daisy.

Daisy in my dads thought bubble

Daisy in my dad's thought bubble

They make out ALL the time, even my dad noticed!

Congratulations for making-out with your wife!

Congratulations for making-out with your wife!

Ever since my mom ran away to be a dread pirate, my dad’s friends have rallied around him. Here’s a cozy family night with friends around the telly.

I’m glad that my dad has become more sociable lately – he’s met a new friend – Kent (Capp) from Veronaville.

With Kent Capp

With Kent Capp - he introduced himself as the "Black Sheep" of the Capp Family

Tybalt (Capp) also from Veronaville comes by to play chess with my dad sometimes.

With Tybalt Capp

With Tybalt Capp - he just graduated from Sim State University! Must ask him about the university...

But my favorites are the boys from the farm 🙂 Here’s Leod (McGreggor) and his bestfriend Ajay (Loner).

Leod McGregor (long hair with beard) and Ajay Loner (the cute one)

Leod McGregor (long hair with beard) and Ajay Loner (the cute one, you only see his side here though)

They’re roommates and live at Leod’s farm. I’m glad that Leod met Ajay, I’ve never seen Leod so happy till Ajay came to live with him in the farm house! All Leod did before was farm 24/7, that had my dad so worried about him, but now, he actually comes over when dad invites him.

Someone I’d rather not see so often though is Patricia (Wan) – SHE comes all the time. Dad’s dating her, so you can see why I hate her.

Shes always throwing herself at my dad

She's always throwing herself at my dad

She’s NOT my mom – no matter how hard she tries to take over the house. She can’t even cook – see Uncle Jason’s face after he bites into her burnt hamburgers!

To be perfectly honest, I think dad has a bit more chemistry with Patricia’s roommate Cleo (Shikibu).

She makes him laugh, for one.

Patricia’s kinda boring – here they are playing chess when Leod and Ajay went home… Particia’s plotting something to do with me again…

But back to me – I work part-time now – I’m Year-book supervisor at the moment – but I’m working hard for my promotion!

I’m still hoping I can attend University – I know money’s tight – so I hope to get some scholarships. And that’s why I took a part-time job too – I tried to give dad my first paycheck, but instead, he opened a bank account for me. I love my dad.

Oh, before I forget, I’ve met a new friend myself. His name is Alexander (Goth) and he’s from Pleasantview. Isn’t that exciting?

He’s a good sport – he didn’t even mind when I gave him a noogie! (Sometimes, I still like to act like a little girl).

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Blogger’s Note:

Usually, I delete the ACR object after I’ve set the settings since I don’t want the teen sims woohoo’ing when they’re early on their teen time-line (I divide the teens into early and late teens), but I forgot to do that for the O’Mackey household, so Jules ended up losing her virginity much earlier than usual. And with someone not her actual boyfriend. Oh, ACR!

And OT, but I’ve finally found a hack that removes the ugly red lines around the pause screen! No more spending extra time to crop the red lines out! User-Interface Mod: No Red Lines During Pause is heaven-sent to me!

Also, do you hate that the sim girls are always wearing navel-bearing shirts? HystericalParoxysm over at Modthesims2 made a default set for basegame and apartment life that takes out those bared bellies 😉  Jules is modeling one of the ‘modest’ outfits – see last photo- that shirt used to end up above the navel. She looks so much better all covered up – it being the winter (!) season and all…

And I’ve found another sims blog that I’ve been checking out this week-end – it’s called Strangetown, here we come – and I just love the blogger’s take on the familiar Strangetown denizens…



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  1. LOL @ the chat in the beginning. It was a nice try on Jules’ part.

    I like your Jules. She’s spunky! The part where she’s checking herself out is great. “Can they tell?” XD

    I love the way you use personal blogs and chats to let the characters tell their stories.

    • Thank you – I hope that I’m improving in my writing style with each post I make.

  2. Ha, your Jules is a lot of fun! Mine was always boring. LOL.

  3. I like Jules!! She seems pretty fun and chill! Love the noogie shot!

  4. Finally able to view your site….and I love your Jules! She and her mother are my favorite sims in RH, and thank you so much for saying Patricia’s boring. I thought I was the only one.

    Will check back..

    • Hey, thanks for dropping by and for the Jules love!

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