From http://straightfrommymouth.sims : Podcast – Currently playing Spore!

February 11, 2009 at 11:43 pm | Posted in Viejo Family | 1 Comment
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(downloaded by staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)
(Journalist note: The website is registered to an Andrew Martin, Gold Gamer, Riverblossom Hills.)

J: Hey, hey, hey – this is Jacob…

A: And this is Andrew…

J: signing on! So what are we playing right now? Here’s a hint – you start out as an insignificant tiny cell and move up the evolutionary ladder –

A & J: SPORE!!!

A: We’ve been playing it all week – and I’m loving the Civilization stage! And getting ready for the Space stage! I’m the MAN!!!
J: To the rest of you noobs, don’t worry, I’m still on the Creature stage myself. Some of us still have school, you know?
A: Touché! (laugh)

— fast forward – (Journalist note: Who cares?)

A: So that concludes our evolutionary walk-through, we hope that we have been able to give invaluable tips for your gaming experience!
J: Next week, tune in for our recommended cheat list!


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  1. A podcast– what a great idea. I love the bits of information you throw out. And the Journalist notes crack me up.

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