From http://letstalkabout.sims : Let’s Talk About – A Historic Home + A Love Confession! by Jo-jo

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From http://letstalkabout.sims : Let’s Talk About – The Goldstein Historic Home by Jo-jo

(accessed by staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)
(Journalist note: The website is registered to a Jules O’Mackey, high school student, Riverblossom Hills.)

Hi, there, it’s Jo-jo and I’ve got an announcement – I got promoted (!!!) – and I’m now a blog writer – I know – duh!!! – I already am! Well, whatever!

Today I’ve been tasked by my dad to spread the news about the Goldstein Historic Home here in Riverblossom Hills. {eyeroll} The chatroom is open, so leave me your reactions & your questions! Not that I expect any…

So here goes, and I quote:

The Sim State National Trust for Historic Preservation announces the opening of the Goldstein Historic Home, the first historic landmark certified by the SS National Trust. The Goldstein Historic Home offers a glimpse of old world charm. Visit the newly restored family home of the Goldsteins and spend leisurely hours exploring the house, enjoy the extensive Goldstein art collection, go over the extensive archival collection of documents, maps & photographs or relax in its landscaped gardens.

The only surviving member of the Goldstein Family – Betty Goldstein – may be available for walking tours by appointment. The SS National Trust promotes this historic site for the cultural propagation of Sim State. We believe in the importance of preserving links to the past for the benefit of present and future sim generations.

The Goldstein Historic Home

The Goldstein Historic Home

Open daily, except Mondays and Wednesdays.
Entrance Fee: § 5 (Free for children)

Comment #1: Can you give us directions to the site? – loste.k

Wow – somebody actually responded! Maybe my website is more popular than I thought!

Jo-jo: The Goldstein Historic Home is located at 105 Farming Road and is bounded by Nature Blvd on the south and Forest Ave on the north.
Betty Goldstein lives in a neighboring house, so you can knock on her front door and ask for a tour if you like! We’re informal like that, here in Riverblossom Hills.

Comment #2: Cool, thanks – loste.k

Okay, that’s it for now. Jo-jo signing off!

P.S. Stop PM’ing ME about itsnotME’s link for the photo site he hacked!!!! PM him yourself and stop spamming me!!!

(Deep breath. Several deep breaths)



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  1. Aw… what a sweet romance story. But poor Catherine! Hahaha.

    And where CAN I get that link from ItsnotME? 😉 XD

  2. That was great! I’m happy for the two of them!:)

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