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(accessed by staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

Fall, Thursday midnight

“I told you so,” that’s what I wanted to tell ma and pa as they both trudged up the stairs, tired, cranky and depressed.  And that’s from only three operating days!

“You can’t just start a business on a whim.”

Introducing my ma – Wanda Tinker.

And this is pa – Stephen Tinker.

Me – Melody Tinker! Dig my hair? And my tatoo?


So let’s flash back to last Monday –

Well, today’s the big day. Ma had convinced pa that it was about time they both gave in to their “passion” – No! – not that kind of passion – it’s their passion for toys.

Ma being very persuasive

Ma being very persuasive with pa

They both love their toys – more than I ever did. I don’t really care for them – my “passion” is knowledge. I thirst for knowledge – but not the kind of knowledge taught in school!

Ugh, homework!

Let’s just say I’m into more “arcane” types of information… Speaking of – I really wish that something ‘unpleasant’ happens to that beyotch Lilith (Pleasant). What an insufferable beyotch she is, truly!

So, anyway, ma had argued that it would be perfect – they could both run the business (toy shop) from home and therefore, have more time for each other and me. Everyone loves toys, how could they not? So its been a busy week. Ma and pa both quit their jobs, tried to make me quit my own part-time job (wisely, I flipped them off and kept mine – someone has to earn some simoleans around here!), sold the car, bought a toy-making bench, converted the shed out back to a small shop, and essentially spent all the family savings making the toys for sale, all for the grand opening …



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  1. That little grocery store is so CUTE. I love the awning out front.

    Your characters are so colorful and strong. Melody Tinker is so responsible and quite a bit snarky.

    Also, it was nice to finally see Bill Newton. So does he really always spawn as the reporter in your game? That’s awesome if he does. I thought the reporter was randomly spawned.

    And Happy Valenties day to you too! ^___^

    • The grocery IS cute – unfortunately, I can’t take credit for it – it’s by plasticbox at modthesims 2. I love how playable it is – it’s a tiny 1 x 2 lot – but a LOT of customers can cram inside 🙂

      Yup, he’s the only npc reporter in the hood as far as I can tell – he’s the one that’s always spawned to review all the businesses so far. Maybe because I’ve got the anti-redundancy hack from MATY?

  2. Melody is funny – typical dramatic teenager!

    I love Cassandra’s store! Very cute looking. Are you using a hack to make Melody’s hours only 3-8pm? It’s so dumb how Maxis makes it 9-5 even for teens and they have to decide between their job or school.

    • Ha ha – Melody thinks she’s all that! She needs a lot of growing up to do.
      And no, I’m not using any hacks for her part-time work hours. The game seemed to know she was a teen and changed her work hours accordingly. I didn’t know about Maxis making it 9-5 for teens (I’ll have to check with my other employed teens to see if this is just a Melody glitch) – maybe a later patch fixed it? Although, when I play Cassandra in the store, Melody does work full time. Maybe you can check back in your hood, and see if your teens have had their work hours fixed?

      Yeah, the store is cute. It’s by Plasticbox, I love his (tiny) lots – I’ve downloaded a whole bunch of them for my hood.

  3. Interesting! I don’t have any teens working in businesses currently, so I’ll have to hire one and see how they go.

    • Carla, I checked the OFB patch notes (fixed by patch):

      Teens will no longer have the same Small Business Career Work schedule and School schedule.

  4. It’s so cool to finally meet Bill Newton!

    Aren’t plasticbox’s lots great? I’ve downloaded a few for my Sims to move into after all the original Maxis lots are taken.

    • Hi Temesha, I was happy that Bill finally showed up to review a business (well, actually I cheated – I installed a hack to make him come more often 🙂 )

      Yeah, I love plasticbox’s lots – I’ve actually started bulldozing the original maxis lots and replacing with lots I’ve downloaded. I prefer playing small lots as often as possible.

  5. Oh man! I love Pbox’s houses too! I have them in the ‘hood for my other story to make it look more city-ish!

    Haha! Billi is cute! Glad we finally get to meet him! All the reporters I got when Kaylee was running her shop were women!

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