Florence Delarosa’s personal profile at http://findyourmatch.sims

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(accessed by staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

Username: FlowerNerd
Headline: Works hard. Plays not so hard.
Vitals: Female, early adulthood’ish, Bluewater Village

About Me:

I am a florist, and I operate Delarosa’s Flowers from my home.

I spend my days at the shop where I offer a great selection of flowers at competitive prices.

Whether you are looking for bouquets of fresh daisies, tulips or wildflowers, exquisite flower arrangements, or gifts for a specific occasion, Delarosa’s Flowers is your favorite florist and flower shop!

Delarosa’s Flowers was even recently given the “best of the best” award by the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper!

(Moderator [M] of http://findyourmatch.simsUmmm, Florence – you do understand this is a personal ad for dating and not for your flower shop?)

Oh, sorry – well, I’m paying so much for your services – thought I’d get a two-for-one! (giggles nervously)

So, for the rest of my day, after I close up shop, I do my restocking and if I’m low in inventory, I spend the rest of the night doing my signature flower arrangements.

(Interrupting – [M] – How about you try talking about yourself? Your interests?)

Wasn’t I already?

Well, okay – I am, obviously, a nature-lover – I take care of my garden in my spare time and I had a small pond put in my front garden so my friends and I could do some fishing on the weekends.

I also have an interest in cuisine and I spend a lot of time surfing the web for new recipes.

([M] – Now, we’re getting somewhere! So you are an amateur chef?)

I’ve got a 4-point cooking skill – is that what you’re asking? I like cooking and eating as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to eat out much lately, though, since money is a bit tight…

(Interrupting – [M] – Let’s not talk about money-issues on your ad – how about your other interests?)

I’m good with animals – when I was a child, I enjoyed bug-hunting and catching butterflies.

I love going to museums…

… When I was younger – I dreamed of becoming an artist myself, but I discovered flowers, so that brings me back to my shop…

(Interrupting – [M] – (thinking – what is it with that shop?!) Florence, how about let’s bring the discussion back to you instead?)

Sorry – I’m so nervous! I’ve never done anything like this before…

(Deep breath)

I am a very playful person but I also like to laze around, especially on weekends. What else? I am peaceful and nurturing, I’m also very curious about the simworld and I’d like to learn more about how things tick.

([M] – Very good, Florence! How about we talk about what you are looking for in your match?]

I’m attracted to men with glasses and black hair.


([M] – (a bit incredulously) – That’s it? (thinking – talk about low expectations!) Ummm, surely you have other traits you are looking for?)

Well, I’m not very picky – he doesn’t even have to be particularly fit – I’m a bit of a sedentary person. He doesn’t have to be exciting – I’m not that adventurous. I’m just a nice girl who’s looking for some fun and companionship in my life.

He doesn’t have to be moneyed or prominent or powerful – I’d prefer a nice guy with no money to some testosterone-charged man with a high-powered career (shudders – thinks of Gen. Buzz Grunt).

I’d prefer us to have compatible interests of course – I’d hate to be paired with someone who hates pets for example.  Ummm, I can’t think of anything else right now…

([M] – That’s okay, this should do for now – for the next part of your profile, I’d like you to prepare a few sentences on your idea of a perfect first date, what makes an ideal relationship work and anything you’ve learned from your previous relationships.)

Darn – this is like getting homework!

([M] – Good bye Miss Florence, and we’ll see each other on your next appointment. (thinking – this blows my weekend – I have a TON of editing to do – first nix all that flowershop obsession!)



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  1. I’ve always liked Florence, even though I’ve never played her. Now I know why.

    Her flower obsession? Spot on and too darn cute.

    I also like your view on the aging. It’s a very laid back way to view it. 🙂

  2. I really like Florence and Lazlo together. I hope they’re happy in your game – they were really happy in mine (and made three cute kids too)

  3. Poor Florence. I’ve always had a hard time pairing her up with someone too.

  4. What the hell? Seriously? I don’t know, but I don’t think I’d be excited about dating this…her..if I was a man. But then again, it would make some men happy to know they wouldn’t have to work too hard.

    • Oh, did I make Florence too pathetic?

      • It can’t be helped, she is pathetic. I played her just to see, and there’s really nothing to say about her.

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