The Unofficial Guide to Sim State University – for the serious AND the not so serious student (In two parts)

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Part 1. The Unofficial Guide to Sim State University – SSU (for the serious student)
By Ophelia Nigmos (with contributions by Johnny Smith, resident half-alien)
(accessed by staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

So, you have decided to enroll at Sim State University?
You must be:
a) A genius, b) Loaded with Simoleans, or 3) Loaded with scholarships. Good for you! Especially as only a diploma from SSU exclusively guarantees you employment at certain careers – Oceanography, Medicine, Intelligence, Science, Business, Education, Journalism, Politics, Architecture, Law and Natural Scientist. So if your life dream is to be in those careers, you’re on the right path!

Oh who am I? It’s me, Ophelia Nigmos from Strangetown, and you should know that I am none of the above.

Ophelia here!

Johnny Smith : Neither am I!

I was just lucky to have enrolled just before Sim State raised tuition fees to stratospheric heights. You are – unfortunately – not so fortunate. Remember, it costs an arm and a leg to attend SSU these days, so please take your education seriously! (Johnny : Right on!)

Let’s do the SSU cheer! That's the friendly Llama mascot by the way!

The first thing you should decide on is where to live on-campus. There are several dormitories and an apartment complex in SSU. My boyfriend (Johnny) and I decided to rent a small house within walking distance from the campus.

Johnny’s parents (Pollination and Jenny Smith) checked the place out and agreed that we had found ourselves a cute little home!

Johnny and I have always been close. It feels sooo great to wake up next to each other. {wink}

The rent (and the additional uni bills!) are a bit steep, however, so we’ve been forced to take on part-time jobs – Johnny works as a security guard nights and I work as a convenience store clerk part-time.

Johnny also works sometimes as a personal trainer at the campus gym for extra pocket money.

I take on some tutoring jobs when available.

Even the irritating cow mascot needs help!

The only other downside I see with living by yourself is the cooking – at least in the dormitories, you can always eat in the cafeteria. Johnny and I keep our meals simple to save money, plus all we have in our tiny kitchen is a fridge and a toaster oven (!)

What else is important to know? Oh yeah, you have to make up your mind what to major in before you set foot in the university. I know, no pressure! Unfortunately, the registrar requires you to choose your major on your first day, and only in special circumstances will you be allowed to change your major. (Johnny : That’s Ophelia-speak for NEVER)

I am an art major and my boyfriend Johnny is majoring in Biology. We’re both pretty happy in our choices. I’m pretty serious about school while Johnny is a bit more laid back than me, but (knock on wood), we’ve been doing okay so far. I’ve had to squeak out an extra assignment every now and then to pass though.

So, what’s the schedule like? It’s pretty reasonable, to be honest. We have classes around 2-3 hours every day and the rest is free for you to spend as you wish. Since we only have 2 days per semester, budget your time well! I spend the first day fulfilling my skilling requirements, doing research, doing the assignments or writing the term paper.

I force Johnny to study with me, otherwise he’s off to the Sim State Gymnasium playing ball. Dragging me with him.

The Sim State Gymnasium. It houses the indoor basketball court and soccer field.

Personally, I like going to the Clavelli Library to study – it’s quiet there, not much distractions – and there’s a handy coffee bar on the ground floor for those late nights!

The Clavelli Library

The second day of each semester is reserved for classes at the Crafting College (it used to be the Sim State Library before it was converted) where you can work on your basic business skills.

The Crafting College

Working on our badges!

You can even hone your talents in a specific craft on your senior year! I chose to work on my culinary skills, while Johnny made a few robots.

Working on the chocolate maker - yummy!

One toy robot coming up!

Students interested in astronomy should visit the SSU Observatory tower. Don’t blame me if you get air-sick though!

The Sim State Observatory Tower

SSU also recently inaugurated two new buildings – the Conservatory of Music & Dance and the Laandgraab School of Agriculture and Fishery.

The Landgraab School of Agriculture and Fishery

Both aren’t really open yet, but we visited the conservatory to take pictures for you!

The Conservatory of Music and Dance

Luckily we went since the dance instructors were holding an exhibition.

Breakdancing anyone?

Not so close to the fire, Johnny!

Some students fooled around in the Ballet studio. Not exactly wearing the proper attire!

The music practice rooms are sooo cool –

Pretending I know how to play the guitar!

We tried out the new Performance Hall on the ground floor – groovy backdrop, right?

I think that’s about it for this guide – I hope that I’ve given you a good idea of life in SSU. If you have any more questions, just e-mail me at O.Nigmos@SSU.sims!

Addendum: Beware of the Tri Var Sorority girls – they’ll try to recruit you as pledges and try to impress you with how “cool” it is to belong to a sorority. The truth is – all they want is to have new “slaves” to do their school work for them. So don’t fall for it!

Here is how to deal with them if you get recruited – don’t worry, you won’t get suspended or anything. It’s just a little fun and pranking, right?

A little buzz never hurt anyone!

Something smells bad? Not me! ha ha

Freezing water balloon fight!

A glass of water in the face to smear her make-up!

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Ophelia drew the ROS – GREEK HOUSE: Call to join, then be rude to the Greek house people. Prank them, poke them, fight them. Try to make them hate you.  

Ophelia would never have been so rude,  I swear!

The Candy Crafting Station Ophelia was working on is by Simwardrobe (just go to Sim2 objects). I like it since the candy boxes gets stored in the inventory and can be sold if you have OFB.

Each semester lasts 2 days due to Simsky’s “Faster University Education” mod

My young adults can hold part-time jobs due to the College Isn’t Free – Young Adult Jobs hack by Ancienthighway. If you have the InTeenimater (I don’t), he updated the hack to work with inteen – College Isn’t Free: InTeenimated.

If you get this hack, be sure to get the College Isn’t Free – Modified Class Hours hack too, so your YAs don’t miss classes.

Johnny and Ophelia needed to work due to the College Isn’t Free – Tuition, Room and Board hack. They pay an additional § 1,000 ++ for room/board, books & misc expenses each semester. But they count themselves lucky since they never had to pay the § 10,000 for uni tuition that other students need to pay now.



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  1. I just started reading, but it looks pretty interesting! I’ll be taking a trip back into the past and read from the beginning though 🙂

    I haven’t played Ophelia in ages! I only think I’ve played her once o.O Oh well, Strangetown was never my thing anyway. But poor sorority girls, that’s a bit mean! Especially when it was Ophelia that called them over to begin with 😛

    • Hi Valneanne! Welcome, and thanks for the good word. I do appreciate your feed-back.
      Yeah, I felt bad that Ophelia had to earn a few enemies – especially since she is such a nice sim – but ROS are ROS! 😉

  2. Hi Valneanne! You’ll enjoy it I think. It’s a very fun read through. 😀

    Wow, arcadata, you sure make uni look like a lot of fun. Are these all buildings you have built or downloaded?

    • Hey thanks LunarFox for that vote of confidence!

      All the buildings except the Clavelli Library are all Maxis-made that I renovated to suit my needs. The Clavelli Library is from simcasticdesigns. I don’t really build, mostly I renovate the existing maxis-made stuff or download. 🙂

  3. How fun! I loved getting a look at your Uni.

    ” Ophelia would never have been so rude, I swear!”

    Eh, Brittany Upsnott deserves it anyway! She was always so horrible in my game!

    • Ha ha, Carla, well with a name like Upsnott, I think she’s programmed to be horrible.

      I’m putting up Part 2 soon – Johnny’s contribution 😉

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