(Part 2 of 2) The Unofficial Guide to Sim State University – for the serious AND the not so serious student

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Part 2. The Unofficial Guide to Sim State University – SSU (for the not so serious student)
By Johnny Smith, resident half-alien, see part 1 here
(accessed by staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

Take note when reading this guide that I am:
a) a hot-blooded male in full prime (physical and testosterone-wise)
b) a pretty easy going student
c) absolutely crazy about fitness and sports

First, just so you guys don’t end up thinking I never spent any time studying or skilling at SSU …

See? I do work!

"How to make the perfect Baked Alaska"

But life is more than hitting the books! Be wary of the freshman 15 — the pounds can pack on before you notice! If you love fitness & sports – get yourself to the Sim State Gymnasium ASAP. I like to get my sport on – I always try to shoot some hoops with Ophelia. Try it – it’s relaxing. Having admiring ladies on the side doesn’t hurt too! (but don’t tell Ophelia that!)

Other students prefer playing in-door soccer. I imagine it must hurt though to land on imitation grass!

If you’re feeling too lazy to get out, just play some catch outside. Or toss a football. Or go jogging. Or try yoga. Just get off your behind!

Or how about a session of smustle to burn the calories away? Try it – you’ll feel better! I’m dancing to David Cook’s “Light On” btw. Cool guy – unfortunately, he only sings in a foreign language. I’m still looking for the Simlish version so I can understand the lyrics!

Now, speaking as a late-bloomer who never got laid in high school – I definitely, definitely recommend renting out your own digs on campus. I cannot stress that enough! The privacy will be worth it, believe me.

Making out should be considered a sport!

Now I wont have to be the oldest virgin on campus!

Now I won't have to be the oldest virgin on campus!

But if your parents are already in debt sending you here and you just can’t afford your own place, don’t worry – I’ve scouted out the area and here are some other primo suggestions for romance:

  • Buy an easel and paint your crush’s portrait. For “artistic” reasons, you can even convince her to show some “skin” 😉

  • Go to the Student Union –

Impress your date with your musical skills – Girls dig that – and earn a little on the side from tips. There’s a little stage on the 2nd floor perfect for jamming.

The garden area is good for romantic dinners for two. And the food is free! (You have to grill it yourself though.)

Hamburgers can be romantic too!

And if you’re feeling a little frisky, step into the photobooth where not just pictures get developed {wink}

(Whistling innocently) Nothing to see folks!

  • Go to the Campus (Brixham) Gym –
    Impress your date with your impressive physique – and enjoy the scenery too. Students tend to walk around in their swim suits since there’s a pool just outside. See why you have to get rid of your freshman 15? Ophelia looks GOOD!

The blonde chick is Erin Brown - she was Tybalt Capp's main squeeze on campus (just sharing a little gossip)

  • Go to the Old SSU Tower (NOT the observatory)
    There’s a reason graduates have a fond memory of the old tower – just climb up to the top for a surprise. Don’t forget to bring your date! It’s good for sleeping! and other things too!

The tent is surprisingly comfortable. Ophelia waits for me to wake up so we can get to it!

  • Go to the Sim State Observatory Tower
    Yes, you can look at the heavens all you like (just because I’m half-alien doesn’t mean I look through telescopes all the time!), but what about the other heavenly bodies down here? There’s a couch there too that can get some good use!

I've found THE ONE

It’s a favorite make-out place for other students too!

Castor Nova with one of his ladies!

  • Go to the Campus Booze Hall

Biggest secret on campus - the booze hall

Hang out and dance the night away with your date – there’s pool and darts if you want to do something different. Or hang-out at the bar – a little drink will help loosen you up!

Hey man, stop trying to steal my date!

Pretend your target is that Prof who gave you the failing mark!

Beware the pool hustlers!

Hey, the drinks don't cost that much!

Remember, don't drink and drive! Ophelia and I prefer to walk around the campus.

Well, that’s about it – if you have any questions for me, just e-mail me at J.Smith@SSU.sims

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Blogger’s Note:

Ophelia and Johnny are so in love! They don’t even look at other sims – they turn down all the sims who try to flirt with them. I know it’s just Pescado’s romancemod kicking in – but it’s cute to see when they turn down other sims 🙂

The Brixham gym and the Student Union are downloaded lots from Modthesims that starrling created. These lots are small and very playable!

The Campus Booze Hall is by simcasticdesigns.



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  1. LOL. Hot blooded male indeed! But they make a cute couple.

    This is also a good reminder that every college needs nice nooks and crannies for those poor sims to have at it. XD

    Also, thanks for the links.

    • You’re welcome – ha ha – Johnny researched the area very thoroughly and made full use of all nooks and crannies… Good thing I don’t have the hack for pregnancy for YAs.

  2. Ah, that’s sweet about Johnny and Ophelia! Is that Ophelia with the afro too then? I thought that was someone else at first.

    • Yeah, that’s Ophelia with her hair au naturale – she can’t keep the hair in braids all the time 😉

  3. Those two are adorable!! I never even thought of putting other lots on my university lots! Hmm…thanks for the links!

    Johnny cracked me up!

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