From http://Overheard.sims : New couple alert!

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From http://Overheard.sims : Jessica Peterson reels in the (BIG) fish
by EyeSpy
(accessed by staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)
(Journalist note: I haven’t uncovered who owns the website, but rest assured that I’ve got ItsnotME working on it. I am seriously ticked off! First that little girl scoops me, and now this!)

So, we all laughed ourselves silly when Jessica Peterson (née DeBateau) was demoted from the mansion she had shared with her ex-husband to a trashy trailer park in Belladona Cove. Who knew that Armand DeBateau would have the good sense to kick her out???

Yes, Armand's fallen princess now lives in a trailer

Well readers, my little spies tell me that Jessica probably won’t be languishing in her trailer much longer.

I may be down, but not out!

Well, as you know, our friendly simpaparazzi have been covering Carlos Contender (Sim State celebrity, Boxing Living Legend and confirmed bachelor) 24/7.

Beloved Living legend Carlos Contender

This is how Carlos keeps his hot bod HOT

One of them recently sent me these pics of Jessica getting COZY with the Hall of Famer at the local spa.

The two were seen secretly entering the premises of the BC spa and baths

Cuddling in the hot tub

Very cozy I must say!


Jessica later brazenly checked out other men once Carlos had slipped away, but apparently deemed this unknown sim’s (he is such a hunk though!) bank balance unworthy of her time.

So you work as a Gold Gamer?

Update: And it appears that things are heating up – Carlos was recently spotted making a trip to the airport. For a secret rendezvous with his new flame perhaps?



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  1. Oooh, she just LOOKS like trouble. Watch out Carlos!

    I love comment threading. I’ve actually been on Live Journal for years, so I didn’t realize until I came over to Blogger with my sim story that the comment threading is a blessing that not all sites bestow on users. XP

  2. I’m glad to see something from the Belladonna Sims. I don’t know much about them.

    That is so funny about Jessica wanting to get engaged but not even being in love! I have never seen that before but it seems to suit her character!

  3. When I first got AL I played Jessica not realizing who she was…yeah, she’s a piece of work! LOL!!

    I loved the window spying scene! “This is why you should invest in curtains!” *snickers*

    • Ha ha – I always forget to put up curtains in my sims’ houses so I found it so funny when I did that window shot – like – reminder to myself – get some curtains!

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  5. Is Jessica like Dina Caliente all over again?

    • Well, now that you mention it – yes! Except that Dina is sluttier (ha ha). She is hooking up with a LOT of guys, while Jessica has been (surprisingly) pretty chaste. She looks at other guys, but so far has been faithful to Carlos. It’s Carlos, in fact, who has been hooking up with other girls.

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