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(Accessed by Bill Newton, Staff reporter for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)


Looking at Chaste and I together, it’s easy to assume that we’re total opposites and to wonder why we’re together. That pink-haired girl standing beside me? She’s been my best friend since primary school when she sat down beside me on the school bus, and declared – “Cool Transformers lunchbox” – and gave everyone who said otherwise the death glare.

Best buddies Chastity "Chaste" Gere and Gabriel "Gabe" Green

I’ve only stood up to my parents once (well, twice now), and that’s when I insisted that the little girl with pink hair & neon green socks was going to remain my best friend even if they didn’t like her.

And we’ve been inseparable since then and she’s my room mate even now. I don’t know how, but she’s the only sim in the whole simverse who ever completely “gets” me.


Gabe’s parents freaked  – like what were they so worried about? – that I’d corrupt their baby? That would be like doing it with my brother, ya’ know?

And ya’, I may believe in free love and all, and ya’, I know it’s a complete joke that my name is “Chaste” – and I’ve never really lived by conventional society standards, but I do draw the line somewhere!

The problem with Gabe is, he’s always tried to be Mr. Perfect and please everyone in everything.  I knew that was impossible when I was five! And because he’s so shy and quiet – everyone (including his mom & dad) assumes he’s a push-over.

Gabriel with his treasured book collection

Anybody who cared could see that he was absolutely miserable studying to be a doctor…  Will knows, he tried for the love of his parents, but all Gabe has ever wanted was to be left alone to read his sci-fi books and think up better stories. There are sims who were just made to dream, ya’ know? And he’s fantastic at it too – throughout school – he’d tell me made-up stories about robots and aliens and spaceships, and they were always better than what was out there in the books!


What kind of a best friend is Chaste? The kind who tells me, “Just do it. It’s not quitting if it’s not what you were meant to do with your life anyway.”

She stood by me when I finally admitted to myself and my furious parents that I wasn’t ever going to be a good doctor or be in any other conventional career.


It’s not like I’m a big hero or something – I just got promoted to Field Sales Representative & was earning enough – so I knew I could support us while Gabe wrote his book.

Come on, another 500 words for this chapter...

Come on, another 500 words for this chapter...

I’m really proud of him – he worked it out, wrote his stuff day in and day out – and {drumroll}


My book is out! – I couldn’t believe it when an agent liked it and got me a deal with Simbooks Publishing –


Oh don’t be so humble, Gabe! It sold really well for a first book, and he got a pretty hefty royalty check from the publishers!

Rockets and Space by Gabriel Green

Presenting the book "Rockets in Space" by G. Green


Well, it’s not like it’s a best-seller or anything like that – not that I expected it to be – It’s about an interstellar battle over a rare energy source, and I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea… My agent has been trying to drum up publicity through book signings, and I’ve had some sims over to attend live readings and stuff…

Book reading with Jason Cleveland and Leod McGregor


It’s really good – I’ve got my own copy and I haven’t been able to put it down! And I can’t remember the last time I opened a book since school.

"As the massive hyperdrives screamed, the shimmering mutant shot lightning daggers with deadly precision at the earthlings..."


Life is pretty A-ok these days – and I owe it all to my best friend!


Awww – ‘luv you bro, now let’s go celebrate!

(NOTE: There’s a second page, please click on link below)



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  1. Haha! That as great! I love their relationship! It’s so real! And yea, I’d be leery of Samantha too!

    • Thanks! I first thought that Gabe was gay, just because nothing was happening with him and Chastity, but then he met Samantha. I think that Chastity will be watching out for him re: Sam.

    • I’m glad I got these two right 🙂 I kept on wondering how to present to their story – I didn’t want just one of them speaking (unlike in my other posts).

  2. Oh, hey! Thanks for that link. People always wonder about getting copies, and I hadn’t heard of that trick before!

    I love Chasity. She’s awesome and colorful. But your Gabe is cute and innocent. I love those quiet nerdy sims.

    • Yeah, I was so glad that someone had figured out how to get extra copies of the novels – it’s not cheating, a published novel really ought to have more than one copy! – so I’m glad that Gabe is able to support himself now. I’m even thinking that maybe he won’t need to go out and get a job anymore.

      Ha ha – I started out not liking Chastity, but she grew on me… but she has terrible gay-dar since she kept on flirting with Leod (McGregor) who is gay (but not out yet).

      P.S. I just changed my theme! The old one became too minimalistic for me.

      • I was just admiring your new layout. It looks good, and I love the banner at the top.

        • Thanks! I got envious of all the other layouts when I checked out other blogs – thought it was time for a change!

  3. I’d definitely keep an eye on that Samantha! I wouldn’t want poor Gabe to get his heart broken.

  4. […] have you read Chastity Gere’s blog? Yeah? I totally agree with that chick – why should we sim girls be penalized for enjoying […]

  5. Free love’s good and all…but eww…not those old crones (bleh!).

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