Loki and Circe Beaker’s Secrets (Part 1)

March 6, 2009 at 8:30 am | Posted in Beaker Family | 7 Comments
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Loki Beaker, Interrupted

Loki Beaker peered through his binoculars and zoomed in on a now familiar view. The broken and smoking debris of the spaceship was there, but … Loki frowned and scanned the area … but the men in uniform who had guarded the area for years were nowhere to be seen. Now, why was that?

“Loki! Loki! Get back in here before you get heatstroke!”

Loki sighed, but obediently walked back to the house at his wife’s call. “Circe, looks like the General finally called off his men. I was thinking, how about another trip down to the site…” Loki’s voice trailed off as he reached the living room. His wife was leaning casually against the sofa, her dress lying on a heap on the floor.

“So what did I do to deserve this treat?” Loki strode forward and wrapped his arms around Circe, nuzzling her neck.

“Do I need a reason to want you?” Circe breathed, pressing herself closer against her husband. “How about letting me show you how much I need you?”

For the next few minutes, Loki allowed himself to surrender to Circe’s touch. She made him forget all his plans and all his worries. Only Circe could do this to him. They were made for each other – Circe and Loki, Loki and Circe.

He had not always been this fortunate, Loki mused, as he floated on a sea of pleasure. As a teen, Loki had to suffer in silence as he watched Vidcund Curious romance his girl. He was just Loki, the dependable friend, someone to spend time with when Vidcund was busy with his brothers. But even then, he knew that Circe would be his, she just didn’t know it yet….

“Penny for your thoughts?” Circe was lying back, sated, completely relaxed, an arm around his shoulder.

“As I was saying when I came in, before you interrupted me,” Loki kissed Circe gently as she started to protest, “The soldiers have all left. Looks like General Buzz finally pulled out. What do you think about going back there?”

“Don’t be silly Loki. That just means there’s nothing left to find anymore. Plus the General is sure to leave a look-out behind and he would wonder why we were poking around there. Let’s not rock the boat, okay? You know I’m right.”

Loki thought about it and had to agree. “Yes, I do know that, my love. What would I do without you? Good thing we found those seeds first …” Loki frowned as his other constant worry prodded at him. “And I still don’t like this Nervous situation. I think we should do something about him.”

Circe snickered. “Honey, what could Nervous tell about us? And even if he talked, who would believe him? Nervous is a stupid ignorant little boy, he wouldn’t even know how to begin to describe anything he saw in this house.” She lay back on the sofa and smiled up at him. “Now, quit worrying about him and kiss me.” Then, “How about we bring this upstairs? Loki, don’t you think it’s about time we have a little Beaker running around the house?”

Loki could never resist Circe when she was like this, so he dutifully went upstairs with his wife. He wasn’t sure he wanted to share Circe’s love with another sim, even his child. But whatever Circe wanted he would try to give her, as long as it was in his power to do so.



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  1. As soon as I saw “seeds” I became worried. XD I can’t wait to see how he finds out its function. Will it eat someone we know?

    I like the way you’ve characterized the love story between Loki and Circe. Makes me feel for them then I see Loki’s inventions and I feel conflicted.

    • Ha ha – I don’t know yet. But it will definitely eat someone!

      Loki and Circe have a very unique (if sick) thing going on… they feed off of each other, you know?

  2. Definitely an aww moment in their relationship and then you read how bitter Loki is and how fanatical he is about making sure Circe stays with him…kinda freaks you out! You have developed your characters so well! It makes me want to play a maxis character!

    • Thanks – that’s a huge compliment coming from you! You know I’m a fan of your characters, so I’m grinning ear-to-ear right now.

      Ha ha – yeah, I kinda wanted to freak people out about this two.

  3. The idea of Loki and Circe having a baby is frightening! I’m kind of glad they haven’t been successful so far. 😉 And yikes about Loki growing the cowplant! I fear for the other Sims in Sim State. I hope none of them find themselves making Loki or Circe angry or they might end up as a treat for the cowplant!

    I agree about the comments on the characterization in this story. At the beginning I felt bad for Loki, for having to watch the girl he loved be with someone else when he was younger and then not getting credit for his work. But then at the same time, Loki is pretty scary in his obsession and the things he invents. You’ve done a great job with developing the characters and stories! 🙂

    • I know – I’m waiting to see who the first victim is!

      Thank you so much for that comment – it inspires me to continue writing about the hood 🙂 It’s funny how these sims grow on you.

  4. *shudder* Those two are so incredibly creepy! I’m glad Nervous got out before the cowplant was finished growing.

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