Loki and Circe Beaker’s Secrets (Part 2)

March 6, 2009 at 1:19 pm | Posted in Beaker Family | 10 Comments
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The Social Rules – Beaker Style

Circe Beaker swore by two simple rules in order to have a successful social situation outcome:

a) Fake it
b) Always do the opposite of what you really want to do

“Faking it” meant that she had to show appropriate emotions & facial expressions at the proper time. For example, there should be no laughing in public when talking about your neighbor’s wife’s disappearance. Instead, one should feign a proper sadness and deference for the injured party.

“Always do the opposite of what you really want to do” is pretty self-explanatory. For example, it meant that she had to smile and nod and look straight into the eyes of the other sim when said other sim was making conversation. And try to work in a compliment into the conversation.

Even though her second instinct was to yawn AND put her fingers in her ears. (Her first instinct? Bash said other sim’s head in. But that would make for an unsuccessful social interaction so that was a NO-NO.)

She’d taught these simple rules to Loki, and Circe felt very pleased when Loki demonstrated the techniques with Mary-Sue Pleasant and Cassandra Goth.

I am so very pleased to meet you! Your husband does not deserve someone of your grace and class!

What a sparkling conversationalist you are! I too am very interested in a comprehensive discourse on obscure mathematical equations!

These two ladies were very important and influential citizens of Sim State and it was important for Loki and her to gain contacts and influence. So what if they were also two of the blindest, weakest, woefully low in self-esteem and spineless jellyfish doormats she’d ever met in her life? In Circe’s opinion, it was a wonder that their significant others did not stray even more than they did.

But no matter. While Loki was already a successful inventor and she herself was on the right track (currently working as a resident in the medical field), Circe wanted faster career advancement and promotions for the two of them.

Therefore, even though she would have preferred a restful night at the Beaker house with just Loki and she reading their favorite books…

Botany 101 : Hidden Tips on How to Farm Successfully in the Desert

All You Need to Know About Your Body's C or Pain Receptors and More

Instead, Circe was going to hold a dinner party for Mary-Sue and her husband Coach Daniel Pleasant. And make darned sure that Loki adhered to social interactions rule #1 and #2 for the night.

How about we have a couples night, Mary-Sue?

Loki did NOT appreciate having to help clean the house for the dinner party, but with Nervous Subject gone, they had no choice. Circe would’ve liked to hire a maid to clean the house for them, but then they’d have to kill the maid afterwards. Too many secrets to risk right now.

Why am I, the great inventor, scrubbing the kitchen sink?

Now, if only they had a way to properly dispose of bodies… Circe thought.

Hint. Hint.

The dinner party went well. The turkey she had ordered from the Capp Shack was as advertised – hot and spicy and juicy.

Oh yes, we always order from the Capp Shack. Why cook when you can order in, right?

The conversation was scintillating and covered a wide range of topics. And totally politically correct and non-offensive to the Pleasants.

Oh, yes, we took in that poor orphan Nervous and considered him a member of our family even though he was just the live-in househelp. Who knew his mother was alive all this time? What was Olive Specter thinking abandoning her poor boy?

Mary Sue: Oh yes, We always treat our househelp like family in our house too, dont we Daniel? What's her name - the maid - Kayleen or something? It would never do to make enemies of these little npc sims - they are so privy to the secrets of the house, you know.

A total success for a party with the Pleasants. Maybe I should do this regularly, Circe mused.

But now that that was out of the way, Circe had other eggs to fry. She wanted to rub her hands together in glee – Loki had declared his inventions ready for testing, and Circe was ready to PLAY.



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  1. OMG… I love it! Psychotic Circe is amazingly fun to read. I can only imagine how fun she must be to play.

    Maybe it’s not ACR that’s stopping her from getting preggers, but some form of pixelated sim justice. Though, when she does get pregnant, that will certainly be interesting. How will that cut into her experiment time?

    • Ha ha – yeah – the Beakers were fun to play.

      I’m still waiting for her to get pregnant, then we shall see 😉 Loki only invents though, he’s not really interested in the testing phase, so Circe will have to adjust somehow.

  2. Wow!! Circe is twisted! I LOVE it! Haha!! I love the rules too! I’ve never watched Dexter but that sounds like something he would say(since I do know what it’s about!)
    Oh gosh, I can’t imagine Circe as a mother. That would just be…that would just be wrong on so many levels! Although I can see her trying to make a little clone of herself!

    • The rules were actually Dexter’s step-dad’s wise words to him… so he wouldn’t get caught…

      Yeah, maybe that’s why ACR isn’t allowing it. Yet. ha ha

  3. OMG Dexter! I adore Dexter! Ok stop I think I mean the wrong Dexter. Possibly. Probably. Almost certainly.

    not only is your writing hysterically funny, I love the way you switch back and forth between the pics and the narration. Circe is an incredible character! Love Loki cleaning the sink — the whole concept is wonderful!

    • Umm, yeah, I have a feeling you do have the wrong Dexter there – ha ha
      BUT, Loki is an inventor – so maybe? kinda? there’s a little bit of the (cartoon) Dexter in there 😉

      Thanks for reading and leaving me a comment! ha ha
      It’s fun to play the whacked-out characters sometimes.

  4. I actually started thinking about Dexter as soon as I read the “faking it” thing, in regards to social situations. I love that show.

    Anyway, I loved reading about Circe – she’s deliciously evil, isn’t she?

    • Ha ha – yeah, I thought that the reference would be obvious to regular Dexter viewers 😉
      I’ve read the books the series is based on, but I prefer the tv series, probably because of Michael C. Hall !

  5. I’ve had fertility problems with Circe too. I had to make her preggers with InSim. Loki, however, had no problem conceiving after his alien probing! Muahahahahah! In fact, he had twins! And surpisingly, he was an excellent father.

    • Hmmm – I’ll keep that in mind if / when Circe does get pregnant.

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