Denise Jacquet Plays Matchmaker

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Gilbert Jacquet’s personal profile at http://findyourmatch.sims
(accessed by staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

Username: Mama’s Boy (application filed by Denise Jacquet, Gilbert’s mother)
Headline: My son, he is a good boy.
Vitals: Male, Middle adulthood, Bluewater Village

(Moderator [M] of http://findyourmatch.sims – Ummm, Ms Denise, I have to say this is unprecedented…)

What is unprecedented? That old lady like me knows about on-line dating service?

(M – Well yes, there is that, but mostly that you’re the one filing the application on behalf of your son.)

Well, moderator, how to say it – I am desperate?

I apply here because I can hear the clock – it is ticking and ticking and ticking. Any day now, I can meet the Grim Reaper! But my son – he is still, what you say, “unattached?!” And I ask – maybe he has children he has not told me about – maybe he was careless one time – but no – very good with woohoo protection that one – so not even a young Jacquet running around somewhere ….

Young sims these days! I get married to Gilbert’s father, Xavier, the day I turn legal, but these days, it is always not the right time or not the right girl … So you see, I cannot leave this up to my son anymore, he is so wishy-washy, always looking for the next girl… Well, let me tell you, I can only wait so long for my grandchildren …

(M – [consulting biodata] – Yes, I see that your son is hardly a spring chicken anymore. So, tell us about your son Gilbert…)

About Gilbert:

Well, my Gil, he is a very good looking boy, eh? He is spitting image of my late sainted husband, and let me tell you, in my time – I had to bat down many many shameless girls who wanted to steal my Xavier, eh? So am not saying this just because am his mama.

(M – good to note, so, ladies, remember – good genes – they have good genes in the Jacquet family!)

Yes, we – how you say – we make pretty babies, okay?

Now Gilbert, he is also successful business-owner of J’Adore Bakery here in Bluewater Village.

We have best donuts, muffins and cakes … My Gilbert, he is very good baker – so you who will be his wife – you will eat well, don’t worry. No one will be starving in our house, let me tell you. Just look at me (pats stomach) – ha ha ha!

Also, I have brought up my son cultured, so he is no boor who cannot talk to you girls nicely about literature and music and plays. And even though we now live in small village, my Gilbert has traveled around Sim State and beyond, so we are not, how you say, country hicks. We have good culture – look at our beautiful garden!

(Sigh) Only lacks the little pitter-patter of little feet of my unborn grandchildren running around… (Sigh)

But my Gilbert is also, how you say, light-hearted, very playful. He will be good father and play with the children!

Now, my son, he always excited to meet new people, so no fear that he will be rude – or how you say – not gentleman – he is very nice and outgoing boy, and new friends are welcome. I am a pragmatist, you see, so if you service finds a girl but she not perfect, that is okay – they can be friends, and who knows, maybe she knows a girl who is then the perfect one, you see?

(M – Wow, Ms Denise … that was very good. I wish all our applicants were like you! [thinks of Florence Delarosa’s application] So tell us about Gilbert’s perfect girl?)

About the one he is looking for:

My Gilbert, he is in need of a good and proper wife (hopefully with full hips) who will give me many grandchildren, hopefully before I go on to the great beyond…

So this girl, she has to put up with me his mama too, I am a bit “nosy” but I only mean well, okay? But don’t worry, like I said, the clock is ticking ticking ticking, I won’t be bothering anyone soon…. (blows nose and dabs eyes)

(M – awwww)

Let me tell you, me and my Xavier, I was lucky, he was lucky, we meet each other and we are lost in each other’s eyes… but even then… we had to work hard to make marriage work … I only want same thing for my son before I am gone …

I teach my son – look for wife who will be understanding, someone who knows how to laugh, someone who will love little children – so if he has been listening to me all these years, this will be sim he will be looking for…

(M – Thank you so much, Ms Denise. Needless to say, I will be doing my best to narrow things down for you!)



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  1. LOL, poor Gilbert. Wonder when he’ll figure out that his mama is setting him up with dates? 😉 I love that she listed his user name as “Mama’s Boy.”

    • Ha ha – thanks! I have a feeling he won’t be so happy when he catches his mother out. If he does, that is 😉

  2. LOL! I love the idea of Gilbert’s mother setting him up an online profile. It just seems to fit her. Poor Gilbert. 😉

    • Hey, thanks for commenting! Ha ha – it does, in Denise’s maxis made bio, it said that she follows closely what’s happening in Gilbert’s life so this is right up her alley!

  3. LOL!! I loved Denise! She is funny! And poor Gilbert. No clue…

    She’s going to be waiting a long time for him to settle down if he’s a romance Sim!!

    I enjoyed how you wrote this!

    • Thanks! Well, all she really wants are grandchildren, so maybe Gilbert can give her that. But I’m not sure if ACR allows pregnancy if two sims are unmarried? Have to check for that one…

  4. Awww, Denise is sweet! I don’t know how appreciative Gilbert will be of her efforts though!

    How are you finding running the bakery? That’s the one kind of business I’ve sworn off since my initial experience with J’Adore but then again, I thought the same about restaurants.

    • Ah, it is not a money earner at all – poor Gilbert is really working 12 sim-hours a day (baking, restocking, selling) but just not enough money coming in to hire someone to help out. I put in the desert cart and the pancake cart, but they don’t add in that much simoleans also.

      I don’t think I’ll have another sim running a bakery – too much hard work, too little money coming in.

  5. rofl! This was great. Her voice was so clear in my head.

    I loved the reminder of Delarosa’s application. XD This is too sweet. I hope she does manage to find Gilbert someone.

    For these entries, do you actually try setting these sims up on blind dates?

    • I didn’t use the match-maker this time since Gilbert is practically broke. I think I’ll do that next time.

      Basically for this round, I made Denise do some yard work or just stand around outside and greet all the girls who walked by. Gilbert spontaneously went to Erin (after Denise had greeted her) and started chatting. They seemed to be having a great time together so that’s when I made them go on the date.

  6. Hi arcadata! Thanks for the comment over at my site. Your story is so cute, and I will definitely have to check it out this week. It reminds me of the late, great Isle of Thyme, which I so loved. I have to admit I LOL’d at the thought of mom setting her son up with the matchmaker!

    • Oh, thanks so much for the compliment. I never got to read the “Isle of Thyme” since I only started simming last year, but I’m very flattered. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the other posts! 🙂

  7. I just wanted to comment. Your content was informative to me and thanks.

    • Thanks Peseryday! I’m glad that you liked my blog 🙂

  8. I love Denise, and Gilbert’s so-so; but I would give him a chance, just because of his sweet mom.

    • Awww – I’m glad Denise came across well, and note that what we know of Gilbert is kinda filtered through the mom.

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