Late Goodbye (Find Your Way Back Home)

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The Telephone Call

“So, does it ever bother you that I’m half-alien?” Johnny Smith teasingly asked Ophelia as they ate dinner together.

“Are you kidding me?” Ophelia laughed. “I think it’s fascinating how your family comes from outer space. You can look through the telescope at the observatory and say, hey, I’ve got family out there! I should be so lucky!” She grinned mischievously. ”Well, my aunt Olive does act like she comes from another planet, but that’s not the same thing.”

Johnny pretended to act all offended, “Oh, your aunt definitely does NOT come from my side of the planet!”

The two had a good laugh, and Johnny chewed thoughtfully for a while. “So, is she coming to the graduation ceremony? I bet dad’s personally invited all my uncles and aunts for the ceremony AND the graduation party already!”

Ophelia sighed, “I’ve been trying to get her on the phone, but she hasn’t been picking up. I don’t know, I’ll try again, but I doubt she’ll want to travel all the way to SSU. Not for me anyway. I do want her to come, though; she’s the only family I have. Besides I have to talk to her about my living arrangements after I graduate.”

Johnny shook his head, “Ophelia, I already told you. If you’ll just say yes, let’s stay together after we leave Sim State. I’ll talk to my dad – I’m sure he won’t mind if we moved back home together for a couple of weeks. Then once we’ve got some decent savings, we can go and find a little apartment of our own.”

Ophelia smiled and went over to Johnny, hugging him tightly. “Babe, you know I’m not looking forward to going back to my aunt’s house after graduation. I hated it every time I stayed there for summer vacation. But I don’t know, I just don’t feel right leaving her alone. Olive’s so old now, and she’s all alone there …”

RING! RING! RING! Ophelia rolled her eyes at the interruption, and after a quick kiss, went to answer the phone.

Johnny continued eating his pork chops; He was in high spirits and feeling pretty pleased with himself. He was the man! He and Ophelia had both passed their final exams with high marks, and had received special commendations from Sim State University. His dad, Pollination Tech #9, had been ecstatic when Johnny had called him with the good news, and they had been planning for the graduation party since then. Johnny was worried that their little house would be too cramped for all the guests Pollination Tech wanted to invite, but his dad had been adamant, “Of course we have to invite your uncles Pascal, Lazlo and Vidcund! And your aunts Lola and Chloe would be hurt if they weren’t invited too!”

Johnny shook his head, chuckling ruefully. At least, baby Xeno was too young to come, so that was one family member off the invite list. Oh well, everybody would have to fit inside somehow. And hopefully everyone would try to get along with Ophelia’s aunt Olive Specter. If she deigned to come that is.

Johnny didn’t really know Olive that well, even though they lived in the same neighborhood. Olive never welcomed visitors into her house, and was never seen to leave her house either. Everybody in Strangetown had been shocked when a little girl had suddenly turned up one summer at the Specter house. Ophelia Nigmos had been a sad little orphan girl when Johnny had met her at the local playground. The other kids had teased her for being the town recluse’s niece, and Johnny’s heart had gone out to the quiet little girl.  Johnny and Ophelia had quickly become the best of friends, and since then, had spent every day of summer vacation together.

Through the years, friendship turned to love, and it had been an easy decision to live together during college. Pollination Tech had not been so pleased at the idea of them living together, but had given in when Johnny had stood his ground. Johnny was practically on perpetual cloud nine his entire stay at SSU – he had his girl, his basketball, and his loving family. What more could a boy need? Johnny hoped that he could convince Ophelia to move in with him at home – he didn’t think he could stand being apart from her too long.

Ophelia finally got off the phone when Johnny had finished cleaning up and was relaxing with a cup of coffee at the dinner table. He was chatting with the campus llama mascot (who had come in uninvited as usual) when Ophelia silently came over and sat across from him.

“What’s the matter, babe?” he asked. Johnny couldn’t read her face and that worried him.

“Aunt Olive’s dead. That was her lawyer on the phone.” Ophelia’s voice was flat and controlled. “All my personal things are going to be shipped to me. The lawyer said that per my aunt’s last will and testament, I would not be welcome back in the house, not even to …” Ophelia’s control broke “… not even to say goodbye. She didn’t even have a funeral – she left instructions to be cremated …”

Johnny didn’t know what to say, he could only stare at Ophelia in dumb silence.

Ophelia’s voice steadied, then became rough again. “The lawyer said I was not to contest the will …” She looked up at Johnny ” – as if I cared about the money! He said that she had left everything to her son – she had a son, would you believe? – I have a cousin! – who I am not supposed to get in touch with! Who I am forbidden to get in touch with …”

Finally, Johnny’s paralysis broke, and he went and held Ophelia close to him, held her tight as she finally started crying, “Why? I don’t understand … why did she keep it all a secret – why does she hate me so – why can’t I go meet my cousin? Why? … help me understand, please …”

But all Johnny could do was hold her tight and comfort her as best he knew how. In his heart, he made a promise that he would not let go of Ophelia as long as she needed him.



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  1. Have you checked in the thread to see if anyone else had these problems too? Here’s a thread where someone is having the same problem of the blank wants, but she also had the jump bug:

    I love Johnny and Ophelia; I really do. He is SO sweet. She is very lucky to have him. I can’t wait to see their lives once they graduate. And the whole thing with Nervous– I can’t wait to find out what’s up with that.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’ve checked some threads by now – most have to do with the problems after installing a new expansion though (which I haven’t). The most helpful thread I’ve seen is in MATY – the suggestion was to send the sim to a community lot or wait overnight (for sim to wake up) to see if the want slots reroll. Hopefully, that’s it – I’ll find out when I play again.

      If anybody has other ideas, I’d still love to hear about them!

  2. Poor Ophelia – it sounds like she was a pretty loyal niece, even though she may not have liked Olive very much. It must be a shock for her to be so shut out after her aunt’s death.

    • Yeah, especially since that lawyer isn’t exactly known for his soft touch – he tends to blurt out the news bluntly. i.e. how he broke the news to poor Nervous!

  3. Awww…that was so wrong! All those years and her aunt never loved her? So sad! Ophelia seems like she’s such a sweet girl! I really feel for her! I’m glad she has Johnny!:)

    • Hi Phoenix!
      Olive was quite incapable of loving anyone, unfortunately. And she has her own reasons why she doesn’t want Ophelia and Nervous to meet ;-P
      Johnny is one of my faves! He’s about to get a shock though … (once I get Pollination Tech’s wants working again, though.)

  4. Hey, that was really good! I like what you did with Olive and Olivia, and their turbulent relationship. I love that bitter moment when Olivia comes back after the phone call – great stuff.

    • Oh, I’m glad you enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts 🙂 I really appreciate it.

  5. Oh, how sad for Ophelia. 😦 I’m very curious about why Ophelia is being forbidden from contacting Nervous! I’m glad she has Johnny, they make a cute couple.

    • You and me both! ha ha
      I wonder what kinds of secrets Olive is afraid that Ophelia can share?

  6. […] was an exemplary son, and had even just graduated with high honors from Sim State University, bringing great honor and pride to the family. Johnny : I love you dad […]

  7. That was harsh. I thought they had a good relationship. Question – how did you change Johnny’s skin?

    • Well – Ophelia tried to have a good relationship with her aunt …

      I used a default cc alien skin for my aliens since I hated that minty green color that Maxis gave them!

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