“Criquette” is single-handedly changing my neighborhood view …

March 21, 2009 at 1:23 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments
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I’ve been downloading Criquette’s neighborhood objects collection from Modthesims like mad. She is one talented lady – I swear – Maxis/EA should’ve hired her for Sims 3.

I visited her journal over at Modthesims and I’m – as usual – super-impressed with her latest project. Now, she’s giving us “arched bridges.”

And I can’t wait for her “Bus Transit and Terminal Set” to go public.

ETA : The Bus Terminal is now available for download here. I hope the bridges are up next!


ETA 2: It has come to my attention that Criquette is a dude and not a dudette as I had thought. Sorry!

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  1. That is so cool!! Oh man!! Haha!! I’m going to have to check her stuff out!!

    And I wonder why your feed is working on my blogger?!

    • Criquette’s stuff is amazing! It really makes the whole hood look so realistic!

      I don’t understand about the “feed working on blogger?”

  2. WOW. Those are awesome. Really amazing. It’s like making the neighborhoods look more like Sim City. That is extremely cool.

    • They are great, aren’t they? I’m just glad that Criquette posts all her creations on Modthesims and not in some pay site 😉

      • GAAH! I’m downloading them all!

  3. I LOVE Criquette. I put the railway system in my hood, and it is gorgeous. Even from lots, it looks perfect. I also have his or her dock set with the boats.

    All the other sets make me drool, especially the bus depo. I didn’t think I had room, but I’m going to make room!

    • Ha ha – well, I’ve got lots of room – just distributing her sets through all the neighborhoods I have!

      I really loved the ferry set and the marina set. Oooh, she just made the Bus Transit Set downloadable! Off to download …

  4. Criquette makes amazing stuff. I found her (him?) through her posts on Sims2Community, where she posts pics of how she uses this stuff in her own hood. It’s absolutely mind blowing.

    • Yeah, I was going through her modthesims journal and her pics of her hood look like postcards!

  5. Ooh! I hadn’t seen the bus depot yet! I love Criquette’s stuff but I have yet to download any of it. I am planning on getting all of it whenever I build my next vacation subhood. LOL I have his MTS profile (which says he’s a dude) bookmarked under my “Need/Want to Download” folder in my bookmarks. 🙂

    • Whoops – ha ha – yeah, I just found out that Criquette’s a dude and not a dudette 🙂

      I didn’t want to change what I had already written though – so unless Criquette files a complaint about his gender – I’ll keep the lady part in my post 😉

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