The Mystery of the Graveyard

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Nervous Subject was not having a good morning. He’d woken up stiff and aching all over. AND he was still at a loss on what to do next.

He supposed he should be angry at General Buzz Grunt. And he was. Nervous didn’t claim to know much, but he did know that you weren’t supposed to beat up other sims for no reason. Why should he saying “Lyla” enrage the General so? Nervous just couldn’t understand it.

Nervous decided that the best course of action would be to get in touch with the Lawyer. After all, he looked and acted important – so he must be a very important person. Maybe he would be able to get through to the General. At the very least, Nervous didn’t think the General would be in a hurry to beat up a lawyer.

“Yes, what is it Mr. Specter?” the lawyer was impatient (as always).

Nervous tried to explain what had happened yesterday – his discovery of Lyla Grunt’s grave and subsequent ill-fated trip to the Grunt house. But he was all anxious and intimidated by the lawyer’s annoyed tone, and ended up babbling incoherently about graves and being beaten up by the General.

“So, you want to press charges Mr. Specter?” Apparently, the “beaten up” part was all that registered with the lawyer.

“No, no, no!” Nervous felt so frustrated – oh, why wouldn’t his mouth cooperate and say what he wanted to say?

Nervous tried again. He’d gotten to the part about his midnight exploration of the house’s graveyard when the lawyer interrupted him.

“Oh, Mr Specter, what a ghoulish joke!” The lawyer seemed to be biting back a laugh. “There is no graveyard in your house. I would know – I brought you there myself, remember?”

Nervous sputtered – “There is SO a graveyard …”

“Now, now – Mr. Specter – let’s not get childish here – a joke’s a joke – but I don’t go for the macabre myself. And if you’re not planning on pressing charges, I do have other more pressing things to do this morning.” And just like that, the lawyer clicked off.

Nervous was left looking at the phone receiver in disbelief.

He was not seeing things – there was SO a graveyard in the front yard! He rubbed his eyes and looked out the window to double check – and yes, there – clear as day – lay the graves.

There was even a chair that sat out back, towering over the graves like a throne. Nervous imagined someone – his mother Olive? – sitting there and gazing out at the graves … he shivered at the thought.

Nervous shook his head – the lawyer must be blind. Or extremely inattentive. Or lying through his teeth.

Nervous decided to double check with an impartial person. When the paper boy came by later that morning, Nervous – after much hemming and hawing – timidly asked him to describe the front yard to him.

The boy raised his eyebrow, but with a shrug, turned and stared out the front yard.

“Just a bunch of cacti, Mister.”

Nervous couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “No graves?”

The boy gave a start at that and eyed him in unease – “Umm, no – no graves. Just a bunch of cacti – Umm, Mister – I really should be getting on my round …”

Nervous didn’t even notice when the boy left. He gaped out the front yard – the barren yard filled with silent graves seemed to stare back gloomily at him.

He found himself walking slowly – through the small gate – and ending up in front of Lyla Grunt’s grave marker. He touched it – the stone felt cold, rough and solid; it was weather-beaten and grayish in color. His fingers traced the letters etched onto its surface – L.Y.L.A.

Nervous walked around – there was a hushed stillness to the air – he wondered about who the sims buried there had been, why they had been laid to rest there …

No, he was not going mad. He was not seeing things. The graves were real. He could see them. He could touch them.

Nervous stood paralyzed – he thought hard about whom else to talk to about this. Not the Beakers definitely. Nervous had seen murder in Loki Beaker’s eyes the last time they’d talked (or rather, Loki had threatened him), and Circe always made him feel very uneasy – like he was walking on egg shells around her so as not to set her off.

Then Nervous remembered a sim he’d met once while he’d been out working at the Beaker’s backyard. The visitor said his name was Curious and that he used to work with Loki. He’d asked Nervous not to mention his visit to the Beakers, and Nervous had kept quiet since he’d asked so nicely. Hardly anyone talked to him nicely.

He’d liked Pascal Curious. Pascal had asked if Nervous was okay, and had seemed to genuinely care to know the answer.

Yes, he’d talk to Pascal about this.

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Blogger’s Note:
I wasn’t planning on playing Nervous Subject again so soon, but his story is entwined with those of the other families of Strangetown, so I had to get this out of the way first. As usual, nothing much happened really while I played, so much of this is just my imagination and me trying to connect the dots between Nervous and Ophelia. And between Nervous and Pascal.

I’d also like to share a new set of hacks made by faiuwle – Sims2Hacks. Check it out -there’s a couple there that I like especially the SellableNovels (which automates selling custom novels – no more transfer via inventory!) and ExtendedFamily (which allows sims to recognize extended family as family!).



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  1. Oh wow! I love the trick you did with the grave! The pic with and without. Now the question is why is Nervous seeing the graves and no one else is? Interesting! I can’t wait!

    • Thank you – ha ha – somehow I’m getting sucked into doing a story-line for Nervous even though my intention was to write only game related stuff.

  2. Nervous is taking over. I think he deserves a storyline. 😀

    This is an interesting mystery. He can see and touch them, so they have to be real. I’m sure Pascal will enjoy this mystery. Well, if he believes Nervous.

  3. Hmmm, very interesting! I wonder if the others really can’t see the graves or if they just *won’t* see them.

  4. Very Curious (pun intended 😉 ) that some people can’t see the graves! I wonder who else can see them and why are others not seeing them? And why are all those graves there, with that creepy chair sitting there with them? I hope Pascal believes Nervous, this sounds like the kind of thing the Curious brothers would have fun investigating.

    • Yeah, things are getting curious-er 🙂

  5. This update gave me chills!

  6. Nervous has to be very good-natured – thinking about whether he is allowed to be angry with the general! And he really doesn´t want to sue him like the lawyer suggested? That´s very friendly of him.

    What about the tombstones? Do other people really not see them? Is the graveyard bewiched? And if it is – why can Nervous see it? Or are the other people scared that something bad could happen, if they admit that they can see the tombstones?

    • Hi there! Nervous has very low self-esteem. That is why he doesn’t always defend himself. In fact, it is uncharacteristic of Nervous to go seek out Pascal about the tombstones. He is just too freaked out so he is reaching out.

      Well, so far, only Nervous can see the tombstones. And I’ll explain why in later posts. So, just check back!

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