The Caliente Sisters of Pleasantview

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(Warning : Some pixel nudity in this post – you have been warned!)

A Conversation with Nina Caliente: The Other Caliente
(secretly recorded by Bill Newton, staff reporter, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

Stop calling me the “other” Caliente, Bill!

Just because Dina married well before and is now involved with Mortimer Goth does NOT relegate me to supporting status! So what if she’d married Michael Bachelor? She hardly got a cent when he died anyway! (Snickers) Who knew he was in such debt? If not for me, Dina would be out on the streets right now! How about giving me a little credit?

Anyway, don’t you agree that it’s a bit icky that Dina’s now involved with that old sim Mortimer? She was married to his brother-in-law you know!

Oooh, you didn’t know that bit of gossip, Bill? Oh, stop giving me that blank look! You know, for a reporter, you’re awfully uninformed. Michael Bachelor was Bella Goth’s brother! Ah, now you see? Icky, right? And that’s besides the “doing it” part with a wrinkly old man too! (shudders)

My tastes run a little younger and handsomer. Now, that Don Lothario is a luscious specimen of a sim!

I will never understand how he got hooked up with that wallflower of a girl Cassandra. She’s lucky that she’s got her Daddy moneybags – did you see her before she got her make-over – (makes gagging sounds) – exactly, my man!

Anyway, have you read Chastity Gere’s blog? Yeah? I totally agree with that chick – why should we sim girls be penalized for enjoying ourselves like the guys? So what if I engage in a dalliance with – say – Checo Ramirez? That blank look again, Bill! He owns Ramirez Furnitures? In Bluewater Village?

Anyway, unlike my twin sister, I like to play around with guys nearer my age bracket you know? Who cares if they have a ring on their finger? I’m not looking to marry anyone you know?

Now, let’s drink! The night is young and I have a date!



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  1. LOL, and Dina is next up on ‘Who is my baby daddy’ on SimSpringer! Those two not getting along is certainly a different twist. I wonder if they both know they’re tapping Don? LOL

    • Ha ha – Nina knows about Dina and Don since they did it in the living room (she walked in on them) & she also knows about the pregnancy. I’m not sure if Dina knows that Nina also hooked up with Don though … not that she can complain – she’s supposed to be with Mortimer!

  2. Oh, no, I can see Nina getting herself into some shenanigans, to say the least!

    • Yup, Nina is quite the troublemaker!

  3. I’ve always liked Nina better, and wow, what you’ve done with Don! 😉

    • Welcome tacy00p! Yeah, I kinda like Nina better too 🙂 And well, if he’s going to be the hood lothario, I wanted Don to look the part!

  4. I can totally hear Nina’s voice in my head! You caught her derisive tone perfectly. It’s like she’s thinking, “See? That’s what she gets.”

    And I love Dina’s tone with the giggles and the winks. I can understand why Nina would be derisive.

    • Thanks! I’m glad I got Nina and Dina across the way I wanted to 🙂

  5. LOL, what a mess Dina is getting herself into! Can’t wait to see who the father is and how the Caliente sisters deal with raising a baby.

    Right after the game first came out, I played some with the Maxis families. Nina and Dina both got pregnant at the same time (I think Dina’s baby was by Mortimer and Nina’s by Don) and then they both had twins! It was crazy, I barely survived playing that house. 😉

    • Yeah, I’m wondering how they’ll be with the baby – I wonder if she’ll be better than Cassandra!

      Oooh – you know the odd thing? I’ve never ever had twins – and I’m kinda glad 🙂

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