Quo Vadis General Buzz Grunt?

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General Buzz threw a left jab, snapped his fist back and followed this with a right cross.

In his mind’s eye, he could still see Nervous Subject forming the word. “Lyla …” He had not expected his reaction.

Left. Right. Left. Right. He gave another vicious punch to the bag. He felt the jarring pain as his naked fists connected repeatedly with the worn leather. But pain was good – he needed to punish himself.

What happened, you moron, why’d you lose it? – the remaining rational part of his mind asked him again and again – What you did was inexcusable, admit it. All he said was a name. Just a name. And that name should no longer have had any power over him. She.had.forfeited.that.right.when.she.left. He punctuated each word with a punch.

Back to on-guard position. His body was on automatic – every movement precise and controlled. A one-two punch. Fast jabs to the center. A feint followed by a left hook. Sweat trickled down his back and he could feel his muscles relaxing as they did what came naturally to him.

But the General’s mind was churning. And despite his efforts, the anger continued to simmer within him, boiling over like a geyser. You need better control – the voice in his mind continued talking – What if you had killed Nervous today? What would have happened to your boys?

Drop right fist to body, then a fast counter punch to the left. Lean into a front kick. Twist from the hip. Then his specialty – the roundhouse – flicking his shin right smack on target. His movements were fast and fluid – General Buzz had no doubt he was still capable of killing a sim with his bare hands.

And your sons saw you lose control – the voice went on relentlessly – Ripp and Buck for certain. At least Tank was not there, but Buck would tell him. Was that what you wanted your sons to learn from your example? – the voice continued implacably.

General Buzz shook his head violently. He could see the naked fear in Buck’s eyes, the cold judgement in Ripp’s. And then, just like that, the anger dissipated, now replaced by a deep shame.

The military psychologist was right. It was about time he accepted he had anger management issues.

Inside, he imagined that he was a blackened shell – charred and hollow. You are a failure as a man – the voice had turned accusatory now. As a husband. As a father. About the only thing he was good for was the military. And his team had bungled that job on the crashed space ship. So what was he good for, really?

The General was suddenly distracted by scuffling sounds out in the hallway.

“Hey, sissyboy, where do you think you’re going?” That was Tank’s voice.

“None of your business, slug. So get out of my way. Stop shoving, Tank!” General Buzz got to the door in time to see Ripp shoulder his brother aside and disappear down the stairs.

“Ripp!” Buzz called out, but Ripp just continued on his way.

See, that’s what you’ve taught your sons – the voice continued in General Buzz’s head.

General Buzz clenched his fists to his sides. SHUT UP. SHUT UP. SHUT UP. SHUT UP.

“That little s***, sorry Dad …” Tank was saying.

General Buzz stared at Tank – he hadn’t realized it, but Tank was almost a young adult sim now. The General suddenly remembered that it would be Tank’s transition day tomorrow. He hadn’t even planned anything special for the boy. Silently, General Buzz berated himself for forgetting.

Tank was staring at him curiously. “You okay, Dad?”

Not really, the General thought. I feel old and defeated. When did you boys grow up?

“Yeah, yeah. I’m turning in early, son. Hey, le’s talk tomorrow, okay? I’ve just realized that we haven’t even discussed what happens after you transition. College and stuff …”

Tank suddenly looked solemn. “Uh, yeah, let’s talk tomorrow Dad.”

As General Buzz closed the door, Ripp’s face rose unbidden in his mind – Ripp who looked so much like his mother that it wrenched the General’s heart just to look at him. Ripp, his little boy, who now snarled back at him anytime he tried to have any sort of conversation with him.

And how about Buck, who had his mother’s mannerisms and easy affection. The General remembered how he’d rebuffed his youngest son. When did he turn into a monster?

The General stood unmoving, suddenly lost in the past. It was all her fault. He remembered his wife’s last words before she’d disappeared from his life. From his boys’ lives.

“I’m sorry, Buzz. I didn’t mean to – but I’m in love with Hugh. Hugh Thanasia.”

“Olive’s husband? You whore!”

He had wanted to hit her, badly. It had been all he could do to control himself, he hadn’t cared anymore if the boys were woken up by their raised voices. And afterwards, she’d run away, sobbing in the night. He’d thought she’d run away with Hugh, but Hugh had denied knowing where she was. Hugh also denied the affair when the General had accused him in front of Olive.

The Grunt family hadn’t heard from Lyla again. He didn’t think he’d hear the name Lyla again in his lifetime. He hadn’t known he’d been so angry still.

The General stared out the window. He’d have to swallow his pride and apologize to Nervous Subject – if Nervous still wanted to speak with him that is.

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Blogger’s Note:

My apologies for going over this event yet again (and you all must be bored stiff by now), but here’s why: Since Nervous Subject wormed himself into his own storyline in my hood, I’ve had to go back and think about the other sims who are connected to him. So, General Buzz Grunt now gets his own back-story, and I hope I’ve filled his character out a little bit. I’m playing the household now, but I thought that the General needed to present his POV too before I go on.



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  1. Ohh…this was a good chapter! I felt like I was working out with the general for one thing and for another I finally found out why his wife let…or supposedly why his wife left!

    It’s good to see that he’s finally seeing how he’s mannerisms rubbed off on his boys…and how it affected them.

    • Thanks! Hmmm…. yeah…. but if I were Hugh and my wife was Olive… I figure I’d lie through my teeth, but that’s just me 😉

  2. I am definitely not bored at all. I can almost feel sorry for Buzz right now. I have a hard time relating to folks who make the military their entire life. I served for almost 10 years, but I always remained my own person. Buzz is what I call a maggot. A person who lives, breathes, eats, sleeps the military. And his sons are paying the price.

    /jumps off soapbox

    *huggles Ripp & Buck* Tank wouldn’t allow a huggle.

    • Ha ha – the thing is, Tank would secretly love a huggle 😉

  3. Not boring at all! I’m glad Buzz is finally seeing what he’s done to his family and I hope he learns to get his priorities straight. Interesting about what he thinks happened to Lyla. We know where she ended up, so now the question is how did she get there and what REALLY happened?

    • Thanks for that 🙂 I was worried that people would be going – you’re still talking about that? ha ha
      Yeah, Lyla’s a part of the mystery of the graveyard for Nervous (now he needs other sims to believe him).

  4. Ha, you’re not even close to boring me! All the backstory stuff just makes your story richer, which is always good.

    Hmmm, so Lyla had an affair with Hugh Thanasia. I guess that might explain why Olive killed her/had her killed (I’m working on that assumption, anyway).

    • Thanks for the feedback 🙂
      Well, Lyla claimed she had an affair. Hugh denied it to Olive’s face. I’m siding with Lyla 😉

  5. I think this was a great entry. What happened to Lyla? There is definitely a mystery there, and I wanna know. My mind is already working, wondering if it had anything to do with Buzz’s accusations. Just what kind of sim was Olive exactly?

    • Thanks! My mind is working just as hard trying to figure out the story 😉

      Olive, I think, is the kind of sim that someone like Circe Beaker would idolize.

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