Writing Challenge #4

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I’d never done “stream of consciousness” writing before. Can’t say I like it. I’m pretty sure I did this all wrong. Honestly, I’ve read it back and I have to say that I hate what I wrote. Oh well. I can’t very well not post this just because I hated it though … so here goes 🙂

Challenge 4

“Stream of consciousness is characterized by a flow of thoughts and images, which may not always appear to have a coherent structure or cohesion. The plot line may weave in and out of time and place, carrying the reader through the life span of a character.”

Using stream of conciousness, write for 15 minutes on one of three words:

Loss OR coral OR cookie jar.

The piece should be about a character reflecting on something that has happened, is happening or will happen. Do not name your narrator – keep it ambiguous!


– Your piece should be in the first person.
– You have 15 minutes to write this. Either time yourself with an alarm or phone, or use the useful link by FurryPanda on page 1.
– You must have a minumum of 500 words, although you shouldn’t go over 2000.
– Copy and paste straight onto this thread. Do not edit or rewrite your piece. Spelling, grammar and punctuation can be revised but without a dictionary and such.

(530 words in 15 minutes)

I can see the cookie jar. It’s on the very top of the shelf. If I push this chair here just so and put this phone book here just so and add another phone book here just so, I can almost reach it. Barely. I have to go on tip toes though. And come to think of it, I’m a bit wobbly right now. I should have worn my good rubber shoes. My slippers can’t stay on. Not really. I think I’ll take them off and go barefoot. So, chair, phonebook, phonebook, feet and reach. I’m almost there, barely, almost, and yup, I’ve got the cookie jar in my hands.

I can smell the cookies. I think I can smell the cookies. The cap is on a bit tight, too tight, trying to open, twisting my hands, almost there. Oops, I’m wobbling, wobbling, wobbling, darn phonebooks. Well, now I can smell the cookies. But they’re all over the floor. They smell good, really good. They’re fresh. Crunchy on the outside, gooey and chewy on the inside. Just the way I like it.

I love cookies. I love them with chocolate bits mixed inside. I love them with chocolate bits stuck outside. I love them with frosting. I love them even if they are all broken up into little pieces. I love even the little crumbs. And there are a lot of crumbs here right now.

I try to collect the broken shards of the cookie jar. And I nick my thumb on one. I cry out a little, not too loud, I don’t want anybody running to find out what’s wrong. I can suck on the finger and pretend the red stuff is a cookie. Yes, I can pretend. There’s raspberry frosting on my cookie. Or a strawberry frosting?

I have to hide the cookie jar pieces. Then nobody can blame me if they can’t find the cookie jar. But first I have to eat the cookies, so much cookies.

I think of Cookie Monster. He loved cookies too. He loved to count cookies. I wonder how many cookies there are here on the floor? It’s hard to tell since they’re all in pieces right now. I can try to put the pieces back together again. Like Humpty Dumpty. He sat on the wall and had a great fall. But why would he sit on a wall? He must know that he would break if he fell, right? It’s like the cookie jar. Why is it on a shelf? A high shelf. That I needed to get on a chair and a phone book and another phone book just to reach for it. It wasn’t my fault. The phone book was slippery.

And at least I’m not hurt. Well, my thumb is bleeding but that doesn’t count. I’m not like Humpty Dumpty. I didn’t break. I hurt a little though. But the cookies can make it all better. These are really good cookies. That’s why they’re hidden all the way up the shelf. But I found them. And they’re mine. Even if they’re all broken up now. I’m hiding the pieces of the cookie jar. And I won’t tell where.

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  1. I liked this piece. It’s very descriptive, and very creative. The line, “I can pretend that’s raspberry frosting on my cookie,” made me both go ew and yum. That takes talent.

    Stream of consciousness writing can be a very effective tool. I think the most important thing is just to let go. I’m a big one on letting go and just writing and worrying about it later.

    I used to be big on stream on consciousness writing when I was in high school. A fun Friday night would just be me on the 486 listening to music and just writing whatever came into my head.

    • Oh, thanks for being too nice 🙂
      Hmm – it’s really weird but I’d never even heard of stream of consciousness writing before – and I found I really hated it! ha ha
      My inner editor was pinging me and pinging me the whole time, hating what I was writing.

      • I have this book that I love called Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg (I think that’s how you spell it). One of her things is learning to ignore that inner editor, write what you need to write, then write beyond what you think you need to write.

        I really think you should continue giving this a try. You really have some serious talent, and it’s amazing how different your writing is when you let go.

        It might be a good idea for yourself to start with an outline or a scene and just explore.

  2. I don’t hate it. I think it’s rather funny. I love cookies too!

    • Thanks for having a good word for me 🙂

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