Tarding Over the Latest Sims 3 Video …

April 20, 2009 at 8:32 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments
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Demonstration of a Morning Jog in Sims 3

— wow! {speechless}



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  1. That’s awesome right? I saw that and was like wow!! I like how everything looks. I don’t care what everyone else says! I am SO getting the Sims 3 and playing the mess out of it! That’ll be my just for fun times game!:)

  2. *hyperventilates & passes out* That was a hella jog!

    This looks fun, I just wish there was more certainty about the CC & the affiliation with TSR.

    • I’ve been out of the loop – what about the TSR???

      • There’s a lot of speculation that the only way to get CC will be through TSR. Mostly because the majority of creaters that were ivited to creaters’ camp were from TSR.

        • Oh, that would really suck!

  3. It’s pretty cool looking, isn’t it? I’m very excited.

  4. I’m waiting still, at least until we get one EP and I can see how the whole multi-family will work or not work. And some CC too, those skins are awful! They look like putty, lol!

    But yes, wow, I’m SO hoping it’s as good as it looks. I like how that video looked a lot like actual gameplay, as you can tell her jogging path wasn’t perfectly smooth or consistent, like it is in the promo videos. It’s nice to see what we’re actually getting.

    I’m trying not to get too excited just yet, but I am finding myself plotting out which of my Sims I’ll bring over 😉 I’m just going to have to really make sure it’s worth it before I make the leap, because I won’t be able to play both games at once.

    • Oooh, that would be very interesting for you – since you’re basically playing your game right now as if it were sims 3 already.

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