Writing Challenge #5

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Sorry again for the lack of updates – I’ve had to go on a break and I haven’t been able to play the Sims recently due to real life – but an addict is an addict and I’ll be back to playing it again within the month 🙂

Anyway, I spent a bit of my free time with the writing challenge, which I’m still sharing with whoever may want to read and critique …

Challenge 5

Take 5 minutes to choose either Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella or Rapunzel, depending on which story you know/like the most. You must rewrite a chosen scene from these stories in a particular genre.

If you chose Snow White, you are writing a comedy.

If you chose Sleeping Beauty you are writing a murder mystery.

If you chose Cinderella you are writing a science fiction/futuristic fantasy.

If you chose Rapunzel, you are writing a horror.


– You may chose whichever scene you like/know the most from your story.
– You have 20 minutes for this challenge, and you should write for at least 15 of those. Either time yourself with an alarm or phone, or use the useful link by FurryPanda on page 1.
– You must have a minumum of 500 words, although you shouldn’t go over 1000.
– Copy and paste straight onto this thread. Do not edit or rewrite your piece. Spelling, grammar and punctuation can be revised but without a dictionary and such.

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