I’ve been playing the Sims 2 for about one year, and I’ve always wanted the Goths to meet up with the Montys and the Capps (and the other major maxis-made families), and basically mix all these maxis-made Sims up. When I saw the uber-Megahood post in Modthesims, I just couldn’t resist downloading and playing. This blog is to share my experience with the Megahood which I’ve called Sim State (yes, from the University). All the pictures on the blog are photos I took myself and are mine.

Note: I don’t set out with a story in mind when I play, I mostly allow the characters to determine what happens to them, so whatever stories I end up sharing would be gameplay related or due to a random occurrence scenario (ROS) brought into the game.

I also like to share new things I’ve learned about the game or new hacks/mods/CC/lots that I’ve downloaded or new blogs that I follow in my posts.

P.S. I appreciate any feedback, so if you happen to drop by, let me know what you think! Leave me a comment or click on the header where it says “Contact me.”


Sim State is a sims uber-megahood, composed of all the maxis neighborhoods: Pleasantview, Bluewater Village, Strangetown, Veronaville, Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley, and Belladonna Cove (courtesy of HystericalParoxysm of modthesims2 – who rocks).

As I’ve said, I’ve always wanted to have my favorite maxis-made sims meet up with each other and see what happens (will they be friends? enemies? get married?) so this was my chance to do that with the uber-megahood.  I consider all these hoods located an hour or so away from each other, so I’ve kept the seasons consistent except for Strangetown which is further away and has different weather than the rest of the hoods (all summer).

I won’t be providing much introduction with the characters or family trees, as they are all maxis-made and, I assume, well-known to Sims players.

I’ve been playing for some time with this hood, unfortunately, I haven’t been very good with pictures- darn! I’ve promised myself to do better as I continue to play. I’ve only recently discovered that it’s better to get screen shots instead of the maxis provided camera, so I hope to get better pictures now.

EP’s I have: Deluxe, University, OFB, Bon Voyage, Seasons, Apartment Life

SP: Ikea

** For readers interested in following a specific family’s story, please check out the Table of Contents. Or if you wish to follow events chronologically, please click on the calendar on the sidebar which shows posts per day. Or just jump right in via the Top 10 posts on the sidebar.

Click here for more information on how I play the hood.

Click here for information on education, employment and public services in Sim State.

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  1. Hey, I found the link to your blog on Mandie’s Brisbee Down’s site today. I love Megahood blogs! I’m looking forward to catching up on what you’ve already posted and seeing how your story unfolds.

    Take care,
    Temesha a.k.a. SnarkySims

    • Hi, Temesha! Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment. I hope you’ll enjoy my stories.

      P.S. I just visited your blog and love your storytelling style (and your narrator’s voice – too funny!) – I’m gonna be reading your posts & comparing what happens to your Maxis sims compared to mine 😉

  2. Hi! I followed you here from the comments on my story, When Worlds Collide.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. 🙂

    (I will be be skimming yours this weekend, too. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done!)

    Anyway, I added your link to my site. I love finding new mega hood blogs out there. 🙂

    • Hi DebC! Thanks for visiting! I think I spammed you (a little), but I couldn’t resist to make some comments. You did some fancy storytelling in When Worlds Collide. I haven’t had the time to skim your legacies, but I loved the megahood 🙂

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