A Day In The Life Of Natasha Una, self-employed, Desiderata Valley

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(Staff reporter – Bill Newton, for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

(Journalist note – I think I’m in love with Natasha – well, maybe just a little –  I can only take her in teeny tiny doses though)

B – Natasha, thank you for allowing me & my camera to tag along with you today.
N – It’s Bill, right? No worries! I reckon I’ll forget you’re around anyway. Why are you tagging along by the way?
B – I’m doing a feature story for the Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper. And I picked you since you are unique in all of Sim State with your championing of the “Cheese Cause”.
N – Oh, definitely, it’s all about the “Cheese”, baby.
B – Really
N – I live for cheese! My life is about cheese! My art is about cheese! Cheese is more than curdled milk – there’s cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, brie cheese… and it can be presented in different ways – grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese cake, deep dish cheese pizza…
B – (Interrupting) It appears you’ve got a visitor…
N – Oh, it’s that smokin’ hot babe, Don (Lothario), we have a breakfast date 🙂 I’ve prepared a special grilled cheese feast for him!

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