Introducing the Curious Brothers of Strangetown

February 7, 2009 at 3:35 pm | Posted in Curious Family | 9 Comments
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(Notes and photos from the desk of Bill Newton, staff reporter, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper. Info collected while working undercover as a nanny at the Curious Household, Strangetown)

Journalist note: So here’s a funny story – I was hanging around Strangetown, hoping to see a flying saucer (had my handy digi cam with me!) when I felt a bit thirsty. So, I knocked on a random door, and who should open it? A pregnant dude by the name of Pascal Curious. Who thought I was the nanny the agency had sent in a little too early. Who still invited me in – the better to get to know the family since I’m there already. So who was I to object? Nanny here I come! With my trusty hidden digital recorder and camera! Maybe I’ll have enough to write my book and I can finally resign from my crappy day-job.)

So, let’s meet the Curious brothers.
This is Pascal Curious (he’s the pregnant dude) and he’s the oldest of the brothers.

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