The Mystery of the Graveyard

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Nervous Subject was not having a good morning. He’d woken up stiff and aching all over. AND he was still at a loss on what to do next.

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Late Goodbye (Find Your Way Back Home)

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The Telephone Call

“So, does it ever bother you that I’m half-alien?” Johnny Smith teasingly asked Ophelia as they ate dinner together.

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Who’s Your Daddy, Nervous Subject?

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Most sims dream of winning the lottery. Oddly enough, Nervous Subject never even dreamed of that. Yet here he was, the winner of a cosmic joke of a lottery and he did not know what he had done to deserve it.

As he sat down on the most comfortable sofa he’d ever sat on (his sofa now) and patted the plush cushions (his cushions now) – he wondered if he ought to pinch himself to find out if he’d wake up. He couldn’t decide if he was in a dream or a nightmare. He was leaning towards a nightmare.

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The Unofficial Guide to Sim State University – for the serious AND the not so serious student (In two parts)

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Part 1. The Unofficial Guide to Sim State University – SSU (for the serious student)
By Ophelia Nigmos (with contributions by Johnny Smith, resident half-alien)
(accessed by staff reporter, Bill Newton, Pleasantview Free Voice Newspaper)

So, you have decided to enroll at Sim State University?
You must be:
a) A genius, b) Loaded with Simoleans, or 3) Loaded with scholarships. Good for you! Especially as only a diploma from SSU exclusively guarantees you employment at certain careers – Oceanography, Medicine, Intelligence, Science, Business, Education, Journalism, Politics, Architecture, Law and Natural Scientist. So if your life dream is to be in those careers, you’re on the right path!

Oh who am I? It’s me, Ophelia Nigmos from Strangetown, and you should know that I am none of the above.

Ophelia here!

Johnny Smith : Neither am I!

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