Hood Notes


Public school – free for children and teens
Private school – fees must be paid (I’ve got Monique’s computer installed which gives this option)

Note: Monique’s computer and SimWardrobe‘s Vocational Training Controller are essential to the running of the custom colleges in Sim State. Visit the links for more information.

Teen Technological College (Belladonna Cove) (for teens & children)
Tuition: free
All children and teens are required to perform skilling one half-day out of each weekend, and one day out of summer vacation & spring break. (I’ve got a summer/spring vacation hack installed from modthesims)

* Children and teens must also visit at least one park and museum before transitioning to YA/adulthood. Optional, children & teens can also tour City owned buildings (City Hall, police station, fire house, medical center).

Sim State University – Not all teens will be attending uni – I have no plans of installing other universities, and I don’t want uni too crowded.

Tuition: § 2,500 per year (§ 5,000 must be paid immediately upon enrollment by the family, no loans – so if a family lacks funds, sorry! The remaining § 5,000 may be paid for with a loan) NB— Students with 8 points in 3 skills or silver badges in 3 business/crafting/nature skills or a mixture of all automatically get a full § 10,000 scholarship.
(** I admit to cheating once with this, I hated all the nannies that Brandy Broke hired, so I killed them all off with death by satellite until I got the one I liked. Dustin ended up going to uni by selling off all the satellites. Should have taken a picture of the satellites- darn!)

Lab Fees/ Miscellaneous Fees / Room & Board: Varies (students may take out student loans, part-time jobs are also available – I have ah’s higher bills & tuition and YA jobs hack installed)

Dorms, residential houses and an apartment complex are available on campus. Students can also pledge into a fraternity or sorority on campus. Secret Society members also have their own building.

Curriculum: Students must choose a degree of course to study while in the 1st semester and stick with it (I get confused if they meet too many professors which one to befriend for better grades).

  • First day of each semester- Default Maxis – Attendance in class, completion of assignments/term papers, research study, befriending of professors left up to student (must roll want to do academics/deans list or do autonomously).
  • On the second day, attendance at Sim State Library (aka Crafting College) and skill for badges on general business skills (1 badge per year) and a specialist craft (only on senior year).

Class attendance & completion of badges not compulsory for graduation – as everyone knows, there are other ways of raising grades, however, be warned that a student on probation who doesn’t raise his grades will fail uni.

As an incentive, students who graduate with at least 3 silver badges will have a full tuition refund awarded by Sim State University (useful since I have no 20K installed).

*Students may apply for summer/spring break to join their families on vacation or go on a Senior trip with their uni friends (I’ve got simlogical’s university break hack installed and college clock from MATY so I can synchronize my playable sims’ semester with their roommates).

** Construction of an Agricultural College & a Music Conservatory is completed. SSU is considering construction of a small College of Fine Arts (awaiting funding).

*** Read about the uni experiences of Ophelia Nigmos and Johnny Smith. They show you where they study and play while at uni.


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  1. Wow! I love how well thought out this all is. Do you keep any notes or records to keep track of all this info?

    I might have to borrow some ideas of yours, like paying for college. (It’s rather silly that it’s essentially free.)

    • Ha ha – well, I’ve borrowed and adapted tons of ideas from other blogs for my hood, so please, borrow what you want. I printed out a hard copy just to refresh my memory sometimes. But I don’t really keep records, I just make the sims pay up (or sell something / take a loan first) when they needed to pay the bills – bill day is really 1st day of winter and the others just come up when an event occurs – birth, fire, etc.

      I haven’t managed to showcase some of the schools yet (Mostly because most of the families I’ve played were the rich ones so the kids went to Simstate) – I’ll fix that as I go along…

  2. I like a lot of your ideas too. Even if they are borrowed from others. I’m gonna steal your way of getting sims jobs. Which means that sims like Jeremy (who was a townie) won’t be able to achieve their LTWs. Jeremy will be grandfathered though.

    • That’s okay – steal away 🙂
      That’s good that Jeremy will be grandfathered.

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