Playing Style

I’ve adapted my playing style based on Shana’s Pine Hollow (which in turn was based on Jade’s now defunct Isle of Thyme):

My blog story-telling style is kind of a hodge-podge – whatever I feel best communicates the events that happened to the family I’m playing.  Bear with me – I’m pretty new to this, and with wordpress. I don’t set out with a story in mind when I play, I mostly allow the characters to determine what happens to them. 🙂

1) I’m playing each family around 3-4 days each (more or less, I get bored easily), university is played by the year. Not all the pre-made families will be played (since there are too many families/ some families are just plain boring), so the other Maxis playables will be considered as NPC/townies by me. For example, since I am already playing Consort Capp’s household in Veronaville, all the other Capps are considered NPCs. They’ve been moved into houses with phones (so they can be called & invited over), but that’s about it, they’ll be treated like NPCs/townies by me. Like npcs/townies, if they turn out to be interesting (get romatically involved with the playables), I’ll activate them (move in/marry) as needed.
I’ve got sync timer (From MATY) installed so I know “when in time” each household is with each other, plus I can advance the time in the unplayed households to catch up with the rest as needed.

2) I’m using postponed silver years hack (from modthesims) to make new adults have more days (42 days) and elders lesser days (around 2-14 days). Other maxis ages stay the same duration (baby 3 days, toddler 4 days, child 8 days, teen 15 days). All the playables are still currently using maxis default ages, but all new uni graduates/ new age transitions will be using the hack. YA are considered to have only 4 days, so teens destined for university/college are transitioned with 4 days to go. I also keep in mind sibling’s ages in relation to each other, so they keep the age (or rather, day) differences when they graduate and become adults.
The lot sync timer helps in this case since I can mark the days when YA sims are expected to return as adults to their families.

Here’s how I view aging with my sims – I don’t think of their ages in years any longer (meaning a day is NOT a year). The Seasons EP kinda messed it for me, since basing by the seasons, there’s actually 20 days per sim year. Instead, I consider the sims to be in certain life stages (baby, toddler, early/late childhood, early/late teens, young adult, early/middle/late adulthood and finally elderly) and I pretend that I’m spying into their lives for those specific number of days the game gives them. So, somewhere in another dimension, they’re all living their lives in actual sim time, and I just happened to be looking at a sampling of their lives. Get it?

3) Each time a playable sim transitions in age, all of their friends (except the true playables) will be transitioned too (to death if already an elder). Maxis already ages a couple of their friends/acquaintances, I’m just ensuring that ALL friends age up too. I don’t want the great-grandkids to marry their ancestor’s townie best friend for example, so this approach seemed reasonable for me.
* I’m not including acquaintances as of now, but I am considering aging them up too in the future once the population explodes again (more sims to kill? Yes)

4) Secondary aspirations may be awarded when sims transition to adult (determined by roll of the dice – yes/no); if not, all sims gain a secondary aspiration upon transitioning to elder status or when sims have already been awarded all the perks for their primary aspiration. Aspiration is determined by roll of the dice.  *I may change this to follow the way aspirations are chosen in Lakeside Heights (explained in this post’s comment section)

5) For each round, a random occurrence scenario will be played. I use Hook’s randomizer (from MATY) and I adapted Jade’s RANDOM OCCURRENCE SCENARIOS and the Family Feud/Disaster (Jar) Challenge Rules.

*6) I haven’t adapted this yet into my hood, but I’m planning on adapting the Trait system from Apple Valley to make the sims more unique.  I’m thinking that I’ll be adding in the traits that sims 3 introduces. I haven’t done this yet though, since I haven’t figured everything out yet.


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  1. I have a version of the trait system that if you want it. It is in excel format.

    • Hi Monique! Thanks for the offer – but do you mean trait system of Sims 3?

      • Yeah the traits for the Sims 3. I have most of them. I deleted a few because I did not want them in my game.

        • Oh, that’s okay – I found a list that Parsimonious published in her Sims 3 creator’s camp review. Thanks for offering though!

          P.S. I like your Little Reading Nook site

        • Thanks for the compliment.

  2. Have you played around with the traits yet? What do you think?

    • Hi, well, I’ve been doing it by baby steps really. I’m just adding one trait so far. Like Pollination Tech #9 is a “Good” sim. I didn’t want to drown in the details, you know?

  3. What are the traits for? Can you add them to the Sims 2?

    • No, you can’t. It’s just another way of making your playing interesting – you kinda have to keep your own tabs if you wanna add traits to your sims. It’s not like Sims 3 where it’s built-in.

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