Top Ten Posts That Made Me a Loyalist (Sims 2 Blogs)

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I’ve been following several Sims 2 blogs and I’m really struck by how talented several of these bloggers are. And I’m not just talking about exquisite picture-taking / photoshopping skills, but also mad-props writing talent. Many have shared creative ideas that I’ve borrowed to make my simming a better experience. And many I believe can go and publish their stories as graphic novels (if EA/Maxis would ever allow it) – they are that good.

Anyway, these are the top ten posts that really made me into a loyal follower of someone’s Sims 2 neighborhood. Now, I’m not claiming these are the best of the best (as there is no way I have read everyone’s blogs or posts AND I am sure I’ve missed a thousand good blogs out there), but these are the ones that first caught my attention (hooked & reeled me in) and have been following since.

How about you – do you have any favorites yourself? Please feel free to share any blogs/ posts that rocked your Sims 2 world too! I’d love to hear about them 🙂

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