Sorry for the lack of updates…

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I did some playing around with SimPE (tried to rename the households i.e. Capp 2, Capp 3, Monty 2 and so forth) and must’ve done something monumentally stupid and now my game crashes once I get to the neighborhood screen.

Darn it – that SimPE tutorial is hard to go through – but I’m working on it. Sorry – at any rate – if I have to delete some characters in the end, I don’t think it will affect my neighborhood much since I haven’t really played Veronaville for some time. It’s just that since it’s the ubermegahood (where all the hoods are connected), the wonky files in Veronaville are affecting the whole neighborhood.


Hello world!

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Welcome to my sims 2 neighborhood blog!

Sim State is a sims uber-megahood, composed of all the maxis neighborhoods: Pleasantview, Bluewater Village, Strangetown, Veronaville, Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley, and Belladonna Cove (courtesy of HystericalParoxysm of modthesims2 – who rocks). I’ve always wanted to have my favorite maxis-made sims meet up with each other and see what happens (will they be friends? enemies? get married?) so this was my chance to do that with the uber-megahood.  I consider all these hoods an hour or so away from each other, so I’ve kept the seasons consistent except for Strangetown which is further away and has different weather (all summer).

There won’t be much introduction with the characters as they are all maxis-made and, I assume, well-known to Sims players.

Please check out the rest of the blog, and thanks for passing by.

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