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A Short History of Pollination Tech #9

Pollination Tech #9 knew to count his blessings everyday.

First, by a twist of fate, he had been born a Pollination Technician – a rarity in a world of Drones. It had been a day of celebration – he was one of the Chosen for the sacred task – and he had been spared the life of drudgery of a Drone in his home planet of Enceladus.

Source : NASA - This really is a picture of Enceladus. It is one of the moons of Jupiter in real life.

Growing up, he was regarded as almost equal in status to the Birth Mothers.  But unlike the Mothers who had to stay behind in the Hives, he was free to travel all over the galaxies, tasked by the Mahasamparka to spread the seeds of the Enceladians far and wide.

A framed photo of P.T. #9's spaceship kept in his bedroom at home

P.T. #9 became one of the best Pollinators in Enceladian history. In fact, he became legendary for having at least ten progeny per planet. Multiply this by a million solar systems … and it was no wonder that a monument was built in his honor in Enceladus, to honor him as an honorary “Birth Father”.

P.T. #9’s last stop had been SimEarth – a beatiful green and blue planet covered with fluffy white clouds – so different from his icy home planet. Even when he first saw it as a tiny speck from millions of light years away, it was like the planet called out to something inside him. He was irresistably drawn, like moth to a flame.

Source: Maxis - This is a picture of SimEarth: the living planet (the game)

Fascinated by the planet and its inhabitants, P.T. #9 had delayed his retirement. To keep the home base happy, he’d sired two children by the great sim scientist Glarm Curious. After that, P.T. #9 was expected to return home to Enceladus to retire in glory and acclaim; indeed, Pollination Tech #10 was already en-route to SimEarth to take his place.

But P.T. #9 kept on finding excuses to stay in SimEarth. Because fate had stepped in again.

Against all regulations, he had met and fallen in love with Glarm Curious’ daughter, a beautiful sim by the name of Jenny.

It had never been heard of – Pollination Techs did not fall in love – they were supposed to fly out, do their job and get out fast. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am (or sir) was their protocol. But P.T. #9 was in love and for the first time in his long, long life, he rebelled. He was determined to make Jenny Curious his bride.

The news was met with appalled reactions all over Enceladus.

“SCANDAL!” – the leading dailies had proclaimed. The Birth Mothers, alarmed by this development, tried to block new Pollination Technicians from leaving the planet. In Enceladus, marriage was not taken lightly. It meant the co-mingling of life essenses and no one knew what would happen when an alien race was added to the mix.

But in the end, the Mahasamparka had stepped in. “NOTHING …”, he proclaimed, ” … should disrupt the sacred seeding process – the fate of the whole universe rests on it.” He explained that this was simply evolution, and if the fates decreed that the life force of an Enceladian should be mingled in sacred marriage with an alien race, then so be it. The consequences, whatever they may be, would be met and dealt with when needed.

The Birth Mothers protested bitterly, and warned of dire consequences. But suddenly, like a dam that was breached, other retiring Pollination Techs also found love and marriage elsewhere in the galaxy.

And thus, P.T. #9 knew to count his blessings every day.

He had settled uneventfully in Sim State, and was generally accepted by other sims with nothing more than an initial surprised start at his appearance. P.T. #9 had heard about the bad experiences of other Techs who had settled down in other galaxies, so he was doubly thankful to the fates for bringing him to SimEarth.

He and Jenny had made a family, and to his surprise, they were blessed with two more children – Johnny and Jill – with absolutely no assistance from the Pollination process. He and Jenny enjoyed a good marriage, and even after all these years, somehow the love was not tempered by time, but instead grew even stronger every year.

Johnny was an exemplary son, and had even just graduated with high honors from Sim State University, bringing great honor and pride to the family.

Johnny : I love you dad

P.T. #9 couldn't stop himself from talking about his son's achievement every chance he got.

Jill : Oh, enough about Johnny already! I want to talk about my new toy!

Jenny : Don't worry, Jill. When it's your turn to grow up, I'm sure your father will talk everyone's ear off about how proud he is of you.

He lived a quiet and peaceful existence in Strangetown. Early on, he’d had a little trouble with the General Buzz Grunt who was frankly suspicious of his arrival. But even the General could not find anything to fault P.T. #9 with, so they had eventually settled into a “truce.”

The Smith house was a home not just to the immediate family, but also to his other two daughters – Lola and Chloe Curious-Smith – and to Jenny’s brothers – Pascal, Vidcund and Lazlo – who visited often.

Chloe Curious-Smith came by to complain about her sister Lola’s frequent disappearances. She was sure there was hanky-panky going on.

Chloe : Dad, she's never around! And I've heard rumors about her going out with that Don Lothario!

The Curious brothers came by to gossip a bit with their elder sister Jenny.

Jill : Oh, yes, what a mystery that Olive Specter is! What secrets has she brought with her to her grave?

Pascal and Vidcund often retired to play chess together in the corner.

But Lazlo, the most social of the brothers, could be counted on to have a bit of a chat with Jenny.

And play a video game or two with his niece, Jill.

Lazlo : You beat me again!

P.T. #9 was particularly glad that Jill had found a new gaming partner. He was not sure that he completely approved of Jill spending so much time with the teen-aged Alexander Goth.

“Oh, let them be, P.T.!” Jenny had laughed. “Alexander is a sweet boy, and they’re only playing video games.”

But P.T. knew “boys were boys”, so he kept a good watch over them when Alexander visited.

And so Pollination Tech #9 made sure to count his blessings every day. He was not a superstitious Enceladian, but he sometimes wondered when the fates would turn against him.



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  1. I like the back story for PT9. I never thought about what life would be like for the Pollination Technicians, before!
    Why aren’t the aliens green, though? I’ve actually noticed that a lot of your Maxis-made Sims have CC skins. What hack did you use?

    • Thanks!
      Oh, the aliens aren’t green just because of personal preference – I really really hated that green skin. Actually, I hate the default maxis skin for everyone!
      I downloaded the “DXT1_s1F-INevo4_defaultset” from SexySims.com (these are anatomically correct skins by the way) for everyone – normal sims, plant sims and the aliens.

  2. I love back stories! LOL!! This was great! I’m still debating how I want to set mine up…or if I even should! LOL! Although reading this made me want to!! Dirty pool arcadata!! 😛

    • Thanks! I’m glad it worked out – I was racking my brains for a back story for P.T. #9 …

      You should (I want one!) – or else you’ll get a ton of people (including me) asking you questions again and again everytime Karrick appears! Why is it like this or like that … wash, rinse, repeat 😉

      • The feed is working now! For some reason I wasn’t getting updates! 😦

        LOL!! I’ll think about it. I want to get everything just right before I even THINK about starting on their story!

        That new hood decoration looks great! I’m going to have to use that one for Lycan Tales I think! Hmmm…

  3. I love back stories too. Your take on him is especially interesting. He was so good at what he did that he has a statue back home. Jenny knows, right? Just in case some other aliens come looking for their daddy. XD

    The newspaper idea is a fun one. Have you seen this blog: http://adversitybay.blogspot.com/? She has a simpler layout since she’s using blogger, but the basic idea is there.

    • Thanks! Oh, Jenny knows all – except for this last info about P.T. dying when she dies.
      Hmmm, I’ll check that out – I just really liked the layout of that blog I linked too. I was thinking that would be a good way to share what’s happening with the families I don’t play or families that have really boring rounds, like just bunch them up together 🙂 It wouldn’t be compatible with this blog though, so I’ll probably have to make another one, so I don’t know …

      • I was thinking you might say that. If you do make another, I’m so there. ^_^ It is a good way to get information out about the other extra sims.

  4. I always love reading back stories – it’s a good grounding for anything you might want to do with the Sim in the future.

    Anyway, poor PT! So he and Jenny will die on the same day?

    • Yeah – in truth – I actually extended his life (the game has aliens with the same life span as Sims, but I changed that with SimPE) 🙂
      Now PT will live for as long as Jenny does.

  5. I love the backstory for P.T. #9 and the society you created back on his home planet. 🙂

    I wish Maxis had made it so that family members would still come over even if the relationship isn’t high enough. I teleport them in using Simlogical’s teleporter shrub, but I still get annoyed by them not showing up at parties or saying they need to make baked Alaska instead of coming over!

    • Thanks, I had a lot of fun thinking that up!
      Yeah, and the excuses they give are so lame- ha ha – I’ll probably teleport in the two alien girls next time. I’m still playing the same round – Specter/Smith (!!!) since I haven’t completed the ROS.

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